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Budget Nanny Cams

Trusting other people to care for those we love is difficult to do these days. It would be great to figure out a way to be there yourself, but what can you do? There is a certain kind of camera you can install in your home that solves this problem for you by giving you the ability to conduct covert surveillance. It’s sort of like having a set of eyes that you can leave at home. These particular spy cameras are often referred to as nanny cams because many of them are sold to parents to observe the kind of care their kids receive from their sitter. These cameras have become a big hit because of the role they have played in many notorious arrests and convictions for child abuse that have made the news.


If you have been shopping for a nanny cam, you may have discovered that most of them aren’t cheap. In fact, many cost several hundred dollars and more. If you’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t afford one, think again. There are quite a few decent cameras that are affordable and can do quite a bit for the money. It just depends on how you define affordable and what you need the camera to do.

One helpful factor is that the definition of a nanny cam is not limited to include only high-end spy cameras. Nanny cams are typically defined as a common household object that has been converted into a camera. Think of things like clocks, toys, ink pens and hundreds of other items. However, a nanny cam can be any camera used for covert surveillance. Broadening the definition like this opens up a huge number of possibilities.

A couple of examples of cameras specifically marketed as nanny cams that are affordable include VisionTek’s Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera DVR, available for an estimated $90. The DVRDMDC Alarm Clock from Streetwise Security is an especially good bargain for less than $100. At TopTenREVIEWS, we’ve ranked it in first place ahead of nine other serious and much more expensive competitors’ products. The Streetwise Security alarm clock camera looks just like a little digital alarm clock and is in fact fully functional as one. It is packed with features, including, among other things, audio-recording capabilities, time and date stamping and the capacity for a 32GB SD card.

There are more general types of spy cameras that are incredibly cheap and can serve most observation needs. Most of them look exactly like miniature cameras. Because of that, they require more creative placement.

There are some great deals on these cameras. For example, a mere $40 can purchase ZTV’s Locked-Band Mini Wireless Full Motion Color Camera. This pinhole camera can be installed covertly and sends video signals to a remote recording receiver. The camera even includes a microphone (although you should avoid recording conversations because that is generally illegal in most states without the prior consent of all parties).

When you search for a covert camera, remember to look beyond nanny cams. Try different terminology and use keywords such as spy camera, hidden camera and so forth. Remember that many of the features found in more-expensive cameras may not be necessary for your purposes anyway.

Where you shop for a camera can have a dramatic effect on its price as well. Some vendors charge huge markups for cameras that might otherwise fit your budget. The internet is fertile ground when you’re shopping for budget nanny cams because it allows you to take your time and research carefully to find the best product that will save you money. Along the way, you’re likely to learn quite a bit about this remarkable technology.