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Bullet Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Bullet Security Camera

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A Bullet security camera is a great entry level cameras to equip any home, small,medium, or commercial business with. They got their name originally from the very tiny models that looked similar to the muzzle of a shot gun barrel. The cylinder was so slim, that it naturally looked like a shot gun, so the name bullet was coined from it. Bullet security cameras since the early days in the year 2000 have grown to feature infrared lights, varifocal lens, and three axis-adjustment mounting brackets now. Although they are not as small as thier early ancestors, they are still very covert. The great thing about bullet security cameras now is that they can adapt to virtually any demands that arise in security.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bullet Security Cameras

Learning About Bullet Security Cameras

What is bullet security camera?

A bullet security camera is a type of security camera that looks like a shot gun bullet. They originally were made to be small, covert and cheap. This style of security is very popular and you can find these mounted in residential home settings, small business settings, small, medium, high commercial and industrial settings. Even federal, local, and home-land security government buildings feature certain model bullet cameras in their CCTV applications. Over the last 6 years they are the fastest growing model security camera.
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What are the different sizes of bullet security cameras?

A bullet security cameras is a very tiny camera.The majority of bullet cameras are about the size of the palm in your hand. The first prototypes were as skinny as a womens lip-stick cylinders, very tiny. Certain cameras are small and others are larger because of the technology incorporated inside the camera. An Infrared bullet security camera is bigger than the first prototype bullet security cameras. They are about the size of your hand, however, the volume of the camera is larger. The infrared lights make them larger than non infrared bullet cameras. Some bullet security cameras have varifocal lens and larger mounting brackets. As manufactures build different models some cameras are heavier than others and require a more sturdy mounting bracket. This will contribute greatly to the shier size of the camera. Also every size of bullet camera has a particular job or function. So bullet security cameras that are larger were made to accomplish different task. There are currently about 300 different styles of bullet security cameras in the industry.

Why are bullet security cameras so popular?

Bullet security cameras are popular for many reasons. First, a bullet security camera has the ability to accomplish many tasks in just a very easy and simple solution. Bullet cameras can survive indoors and outdoors, some bullet cameras can see in the day and in the night, and they can adapt to changes in every CCTV application. Some bullet security cameras have adjustable lenses that can be manually adjusted to achieve the right picture. All of these features are a great turn-key-solution and are very inexpensive. Unlike c-mount cameras, bullet cameras do not need an extra housing, lens, or bracket. Although some c-mount cameras are said to have better lux ratings, better resolution, and bells and whistles to tweak video rendering, it still is much more complicated for certain applications. Truthfully, that is why there are so many different model bullet security cameras, they all have unique functions.

Are bullet security cameras really weatherproof ?

Yes! One of bullet security camera’s main features is it’s ability to be used outdoors. There are many different models built exclusively to handle certain levels of extreme heat or cold. Most bullet cameras have an IP rating that indicate the level of water abuse they can take. For most bullet security cameras they can be used outdoors in many residential and small business environments.

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Can bullet security cameras record video?

Not by themselves! They need to be connected to a security dvr in order to be instructed to record. The digital video recorder most customers use to record video is setup to receive signal from a bullet camera by a bnc connection. BNC connection is the CCTV industry standard for video signal. So there is no way a bullet camera can support the option of recording with a dvr.

What are varifocal bullet cameras?

A varifocal bullet security camera is a camera that has an adjustable lens. There are many different models of bullet cameras that have different ranges of varifocal adjustments. There are bullet cameras that have varifocal adjustments from 4mm to 9mm settings and some with a wider range from 2.5mm to 12mm adjustment. That means you can set to a 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, and so on until you reach the maximum setting for that varifocal lens. This feature is great for being able to adapt to new demands in a security application. Some people purchase these style of bullet cameras, because they are unsure of what lens they really need and need to have some room for marginal error in their field measurements. Nevertheless, varifocal bullet cameras are very popular. You can find infrared varifocal bullet cameras in large quantities on the Internet.

Designing A CCTV System Using Bullet Security Cameras

Are bullet cameras a good fit for a residential setting?

Yes! Residential homes are great fits for bullet security cameras. Majority of people that decide to add a surveillance system to their house mount bullet cameras under the eves of their homes. Bullet cameras are so inexpensive a home owner can spend about $69.00 dollars per bullet camera to cover the most important parts of their property.
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Is a bullet security camera hard to install?

A bullet security camera is very simple to install. Although it is considered hard to anyone whom may never ran cable, this could seem difficult. If you think about it the concept for a minute or two, you will see that you have to run both video and power from your camera to your T.V., V.C.R, and or security dvr. This is the most time consuming thing when installing your CCTV system. Mounting the bullet camera is simple. All you have to do is screw in the mounting bracket and adjust the cameras sitting position.

Can I use infrared a bullet security camera indoors?

Yes and no. This is a very sensitive topic, only because it depends on what you are trying to do and the environment at hand. In certain settings, a infrared bullet security camera can be used indoors and in other settings it cannot be used indoors. Infrared bullet cameras have very bright and powerful infrared LED bulbs. These bulbs will reflect of anything that is too shinny. That means any indoor environment that has reflective surfaces like windows, doors, fish tanks, could pose a problem if this is were you want to install your camera. We always recommend using an infrared bullet security camera outdoors. Indoor environments need open space in order to work properly. Even if you use an infrared camera indoors it has to be one without hi-powered LED lights. In small rooms no matter the conditions will just washout your image. If you have to use infrared bullet cameras indoors then make sure it has 12 LED lights or less in order to ensure video recording.

What type of power supply do I need with an infrared bullet security camera?

Infrared bullet cameras, need either a 500 mili amp power supply or 1 amp power supply. Different infrared bullet cameras have different amount of infrared bulbs. They all have hi powered infrared LED bulbs, but a camera with 36 or more infrared bulbs will need a 1 amp or more power supply or available current in order to run functionally. You do not ever want to under power or over power a security camera. If you lost a power supply adapter that came with your bullet camera, then you need to look for the silver sticker on the camera and see what the amperage requirement is or find the original instruction sheet that has the cameras specs. If you cannot find that, then call the store you bought it from and speak to a tech or sales rep right away. They may still carry that model and have specs they can email to you.