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Can I use a Webcam-style WIFI Camera (like Foscam, Dropcam, Linksys, or Belkin) with one of your DVRs?

WIFI Cameras that resemble webcams like Dropcam or Foscam Linksys, or Belkin can work well for keeping in touch with children and other family uses, but lack the encoding language that allow them to communicate with a DVR. source


Unfortunately, these brands often confuse people by using unclear language. For example, Dropcam has am online SAAS called Dropcam DVR that stores your video online for a monthly fee. Obviously, this isn’t actually a DVR. Foscam has a similar problem in that it has quite a few issues regarding the ability to record these devices 24/7.

If these cameras, work for your needs, we encourage you to purchase them becasue they are very cost effective, but if you are looking for professional surveillance solutions, these type of cameras won’t suit your needs very well.

In order for a camera to communicate with a DVR it needs to use either ONVIF or PSIA encoding. ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and PSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance) encoding are free-to-use, open standards that any manufacturer can use to connect their products to DVRs. Even manufacturer’s, like Geovision, who have their own encoding language also have ONVIF and PSIA as a backup.

Most of these wbecam style WIFI “IP cameras” won’t work with any DVRs that we know of, because they have refused to use either of the open standards. See IPVM’s analysis of the Foscam brand as an example.

Many of theses cameras suffer from issues like: max resolution of VGA – or a high theoretical max resolution that reduces based upon your internet speed, only having a single proprietary protocol, not supporting H.264 video encoding (H.264 is the type of video file a digital video recorder records in), or requiring a computer or a monthly subscription to a SAAS service or uninterrupted internet to record the video, they aren’t very useful for surveillance.