CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

CCD Bullet Cameras

Color CCD bullet security cameras are the very best in digital imagery and video surveillance technology available today. CCD bullet cameras have thousands of individual picture elements, also known as pixels that lay in sections on its chip. The number of pixels depend on the size of the chip in the CCD bullet camera.

More About CCD Bullet Cameras

CCD stands for “coupler charged device.” A coupler charge devices makes high quality video recording on a security dvr possible. A coupler charged device is an analog shift register (the technology that delivers electrical charges in a successive and organized manner). This process digitizes image data before it is passed on to the video circuit board for processing. Thus CCD bullet security cameras with a typical 1/4 inch chip will have thousands of pixels that through photoelectric effect captures the electric charge and thus quickly transports that signal at a high rate of 60 times per second. This is what makes CCD bullet cameras the most valuable and sought after cameras in the CCTV industry. All CCD bullet cameras render amazing video quality in the security camera, itself — not requiring an additional piece of equipment to encode the video.

Bigger Chip sets In CCD Bullet Cameras Render Better Video Quality

Typical chip sizes of CCD bullet cameras range from 1/4″, 1/3″, to 1/2″ chip sets. Although 1/2″ chip sets are rare in CCD bullet cameras, they are used in c-mount security cameras, hence they are much more bulkier cameras. 1/4″ and 1/3″ chip sets are common in bullet cameras. Know that the bigger the chip set the more pixels there are on the chip grid to receive light, store it’s photon electrical charge, and pass it along to capacitors which digitizes the image and sends it the circuit board for processing. So the more pixels the better image your CCD bullet camera will perform. CCD Bullet cameras that are in good lighting environments, will be perform better than those that are in low light conditions.


CCD Bullet Cameras Secret Weapon Is The Electronic Shutter

One of the main features that makes CCD bullet security cameras so great is the electronic shutter. Unlike other cameras a CCD bullet camera’s electronic shutter is not a moving electronic shutter, rather it is a clever piece of signaling. It allows the camera to respond instantly to changes in lighting conditions. In low lighting conditions, the CCD gathers signal at a 1/60th of a second, which is 60 images per second. (In zero light conditions, it is still important to use an infrared camera). In brighter lighting conditions, the CCD gathers signal at a 1/100,000th of a second which is 100,000 images a second. Remember the more photons there are the more energy the pixels on the grid of a chip set can capture, so when a room has more light you can get more picutres per second. CCD chip sets manage the electronic shutter so that it helps in contributing to capturing the maximum energy from photons no matter what lighting conditions are and it does it very efficiently. The end result is higher video quality. In short, there is value in CCD chip sets as the electronic shutter on a CCD bullet camera delivers this signal to the on-board signal processor which continues to monitor and improve the video feeds. This makes CCD technology supreme and the best in the CCTV industry.