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CCTV Accessories : Accessorizing…with CCTV!

We all know that it’s fashionable to accessorize, but in the CCTV industry it’s also smart!  When putting together a system, you’ll always need to have your core group of items: security cameras, cables, power, DVR, and connectors. In this article, I’m going to expand upon these items to show you what your system might be lacking, and how it can benefit you!

cctv audio kit

Let’s start off with something that could and should be utilized more in the industry: audio kits. Audio kits will provide you with clear streaming audio that can be synchronized with each of your camera channels, barring that your DVR has enough audio inputs. Security system audio devices nowadays are much less intrusive and often go unnoticed. Audio kits are very popular among both residential and business users looking for more than just video to suit their varying needs.

surveillance signs

The next commonly underutilized accessory is proper CCTV signage.  Quite often people are wanting entry levels cameras that mainly work as a deterrent. What they don’t know is that putting a sign in their front yard stating that all visitors are on camera is often enough to scare many intruders away. Think about how many signs you’ve seen for alarm companies in somebody’s front yard.  CCTV is another form of security, so why not take small but effective steps to scare away the more cautious burglars?

security camera infrared illuminator

Many people have existing systems with cameras that work great during the day, but at night not so much. Instead of getting another camera, purchase an IR (Infrared) illuminator and save yourself some money. There are many different ranges in distance when it comes to IR illuminators to suit your needs. Do you want to catch people who approach a door or window, or would you like to cover an entire yard or premises?  The sole purpose of an IR illuminator is to emit infrared beams for cameras that have trouble seeing during the night. It’s a win-win situation with these because you can save money by not upgrading your pre-existing cameras, while reaping the same rewards that a new IR camera could supply.

These are only a few suggestions to accessorizing your surveillance system.  Don’t just set up a camera and DVR and hit record – remember that just like a car, house, or fancy outfit, security systems can always be upgraded and enhanced with a few simple accessories.