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CCTV Camera Catches Kitty Trasher

When you think about the reasons why people choose to purchase security cameras a laundry list of ideas run through your mind.  Maybe it’s to help secure your property from burglars and unwanted intruders. Another reason could simply be to give yourself a feeling of security. Yet one reason I would bet my bottom dollar you haven’t thought of is to protect kitties from “Kitty Trashers”! I know that for people like us who have a true love and respect for animals that the idea of someone being cruel to one of our cute and fuzzy friends is outlandish. However, the threat is very real.


Animals can do a lot of pretty impressive things and they even know how to communicate a large array of emotions. Yet, the one thing your pet can’t do is tell you a story. They don’t know how to express that someone has been mean to them or hurt them in some way. Having a security camera or a surveillance system in your home can tell that story for your pet. Being able to monitor your pet while you’re away can provide a new sense of peace of mind and even save their lives.

Lola is easily one of the sweetest kittens you ever could meet. She is beautiful with her think dark fur lined with rich black strips and wide green eyes. So needless to say, loving little Lola is as natural as breathing for most, but not for all. One day Lola, being the ball of love that she is, walked up to let an older woman stroke her fur and scratch behind her ears. The woman of course did exactly what Lola wanted and began to give her the affection she was seeking. Then suddenly in a split second the woman picks up little Lola and throws her in a trash can.  Sounds unbelievable right?! Well Lola’s owners caught it all on their security camera that they placed outside their home:

Your pet is extremely vulnerable to more than just random acts of cruelty by Kitty or Doggy Trashers. This is why it is important to make sure you protect them in the same manner you would anything else that you hold near and dear to your heart. Security cameras are a great and affordable option when it comes to keeping an eye on your pet and providing you a sense of security for them while you’re away.

Luckily, little Lola was all right. However, the same thing or even something worse can happen to the animal that you love. This is why we, as their caregivers, must do everything in our power to keep an eye on them. We only have two eyes, but security cameras give us additional eyes to watch our beloved pets.

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