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CCTV Camera Self-Installation Tips

In the market for a new surveillance system?  Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when looking to install a new CCTV setup:

complete security camera system

  1. When selecting a power supply unit that powers up several cameras from one source, pick a unit that has the fuseless design. This will greatly decrease the possibility of having fuses go out and cause your cameras to not function correctly.
  2. Keep in mind if you want to be able to view your DVR and cameras over the web but are installing the system yourself, look for a company that offers network support over the phone so you don’t have to be charged a substantial amount to have someone come out and set it up for you.
  3. Ask your sales rep if they have any installation tools – when you are working with items that are classified within the security industry, sometimes you may run across special items that require special tools to work on them; otherwise, you could damage or break a device or cable by using the wrong tools.
  4. When trying to focus your cameras to see the area or object you want to monitor, it may be helpful to have a device that allows you to view the actual image the camera is seeing. This device is called a portable monitor – ask your rep if they carry any devices like this, as it can make installation an ease and get the task done correctly and considerably faster.