CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

CCTV Camers in Schools and Universities

School and university administrations are worried about the increasing rate of vandalism, fights, trespassing, soliciting, sexual assaults, and violent activities in schools and universities. The immediate need to control and curb these menacing acts has increased CCTV camera installations in schools and universities. CCTV cameras to a great extent discourage theft, property damage and prevent outsiders from entering the school or university premises.

Benefits of using CCTV cameras in schools and universities

The CCTV cameras are of great benefit for schools and universities. These cameras help the school and university officials to monitor the activities of students and visitors easily. More and more schools and universities are now installing security cameras to increase the safety and security of students. Besides safety, other benefits that these cameras offer are:

  • Installation of CCTV cameras ensures that rules and regulations are followed and discipline is maintained.
  • They help in controlling crime and finding evidences in case of any wrongful incident. Video surveillance helps in reducing incidents of harassment or any other nuisance within campus.
  • CCTV cameras discourage the wrongdoers, vandals, and trespassers to encourage any unlawful activity.
  • CCTV cameras preventing any kind of misconduct or mishap in the school premises and creates a conducive environment by enhancing security.
  • Police can monitor schools remotely with CCTV digital video technology, if the need arises. Surveillance footage can be used for investigations.

Things to remember while installing CCTV cameras in schools and universities

School and university administration need to analyze the surveillance areas where the CCTV cameras should be installed. For this, they must outline the security issues that the CCTV camera should address. All the pivotal points like entrances, hallways, stairwells, common areas, cafeterias, libraries, computer rooms, parking lots, etc. should be monitored through cameras. CCTV cameras should also be installed on exterior boundaries of the campus to avoid any kind of trespassing. CCTV cameras with features like night vision, pan, tilt and zoom, waterproof and weatherproof coverings should be implemented to ensure 24×7 surveillance.