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Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera

The thought of having a hidden camera that sits in your ceiling and watches over almost the entire room is an appealing idea, especially when that camera comes disguised as a speaker. The Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera is an ingenious blend of covert recording and speaker functionality. It does work as a normal speaker while recording video. The downside, this cannot be worn or placed anywhere else around the room. Once you install it, unless you want more holes in your walls or ceiling, it is there for good.

Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera

The name of this hidden camera may imply that you can only put it in the ceiling, but these days many people install home theater systems into the walls instead. Either way, this hidden camera is designed to look and function as a speaker. Friends will come in and admire your home theater setup and won’t even know they are looking right into your hidden camera. The design and dual functionality are the boasting points of this hidden camera.

Video is recorded at a high-resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. The camera also has a low light rating so that recording in the dark, with some kind of ambient light in the background, will give you clear footage. The pinhole camera has a field of view of 78 degrees, so wherever you choose to place it, ceiling or wall, you can get a wide view of the area you want to record.

There is an option to upgrade to a wireless version, which transmits up to 1,000 feet, but all models do come with an internal memory of 4GB. You can record two to four hours for every gigabyte of storage you have. This speaker cover hidden camera supports memory cards up to 32GB and also comes equipped to plug into an external DVR or VCR so you can view video later.

The biggest drawback to this hidden camera is the help and support available. There just isn’t a lot of help options available to you on the site. They have a toll-free number and an email address, but when we emailed the company, it was weeks before we received a reply. The site doesn’t have a section for FAQs, a blog or other articles to help with any questions. If you still use a fax machine, you can try reaching them that way, too.

This hidden camera has a lot to offer, but it’s too bad that you can’t get better support for the Ceiling Speaker Cover Covert Camera. This is kind of a big setback for a product that, since it is an electronic, could possibly run into some problems where you would need help. Though, this hidden camera does offer some valuable specifications. It offers a wide field of view and records high-resolution video for clear viewing of any room you are trying to monitor. The ceiling speaker cover presents an inventive way to blend your camera in any environment.