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Choosing the Best Nanny Cam to Fit Your Needs

The six overall factors that you should take into consideration when selecting a nanny cam are its features, video quality, recording options, memory capability, intended use and the laws governing its use in your state, though not necessarily in that order.

A nanny cam is a hidden video camera system disguised as an everyday household object such as a clock, radio, smoke detector, child’s toy, air freshener or some other device. Nanny cams are specifically designed to blend into different rooms in your house in order to capture candid video footage of the activities that go on in the room in which the nanny camera is set up.

Have you hired a babysitter or nanny to look after your child but aren’t 100 percent sure about your decision to entrust this person with this responsibility? A good resume, great references and general good feeling during an interview are the standard criteria for hiring someone. For complete peace of mind, some parents choose to perform a sort of covert background check on their nanny as well by using a nanny cam to record video showing how the child’s caregiver interacts with the child when no one else is around. While this is one of the main reasons people buy nanny cams, they do have other uses.

What do you plan to use your nanny cam to observe? The process of selecting a nanny cam that’s right for you begins with answering this question. What room(s) do you need to survey to satisfy this purpose? The answer to this question determines the type of object to use to disguise the nanny cam. Beyond this basic choice, there are also more technical points that require consideration.

Nanny cam devices are highly sophisticated these days. They come with all kinds of special features. The nanny cam you choose should come equipped with the right combination of features to serve the purpose for which it will be used best. For example, some nanny cams are equipped with motion-detection triggers or timers. If you plan to set up the nanny cam in a room that doesn’t get much traffic, selecting a nanny cam with either one or both of these features can save a lot of time when it comes to reviewing the video. Who has the time to sit through hours of footage that captures nothing more than an empty room?

Other features that might warrant your consideration include whether the camera can take still shots in addition to video, record in color or black and white and capture audio in addition to video, as well as how expansive its field of view is and the minimum amount of light required to capture the video. There are nanny cams now that feature infrared technology for night-vision recording.

Beyond the camera’s features, its overall video quality is also important to consider when you’re selecting a nanny cam. Most of the nanny cams currently on the market are digital, but there are still a few analog options too. Of the two, digital video signals are generally clearer than analog video signals. The camera’s video resolution and frames per second (FPS) rate also influence the quality of the video it captures. The higher the FPS, the smoother the video will appear and the higher the resolution, the crisper the images.

Different types of nanny cams are also designed for different types of setups. This is another major consideration when selecting a nanny cam. Wired nanny cameras are designed to connect to an external recording device. Wireless nanny cameras are equipped with a transmitter that broadcasts the video signal to an external recording device via a radio signal. Be advised that these signals can be vulnerable to hacking. Lastly, there are also nanny cams equipped with an internal DVR designed to record video directly to a Secure Digital Memory card.

With respect to the law, using a nanny cam equipped to capture sound in addition to video to record someone without their consent might violate your state’s wiretapping laws. Check your state’s local statues for verification.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting a nanny best for your needs. Take your time and do your homework.