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No matter what your reasons are for purchasing a hidden security camera, you want one that will fit subtly in the environment of your home. The Coat Hook Hidden Camera from Brickhouse Security not only serves its purpose as a coat hook, but it will help you keep an eye on what is going on inside your home. Its dual functionality allows it to sit in plain sight while secretly recording any room in your home or office. Its camera can be set to activate manually or by motion detection, and it records high-quality video.

When you look for hidden cameras, finding one that is a covert accessory to your living room, kitchen or any other room in the house is a necessity. The Coat Hook Hidden Camera is just that. What we really like about this hidden camera for home is that it can serve as an actual coat hook as well as a video recorder. If you suspect that maybe your kids aren’t doing their homework and are instead playing video games, this would be a great device to install onto the walls. No one is ever going to know the difference.

This hidden camera shoots video at 1280×960 pixels in AVI format. This will be compatible with any computer, so you can view your videos with ease. You cannot schedule a recording to happen at a specific time with this hidden camera. However, you can set the Coat Hook Hidden Camera to record manually by pressing a button, or you can set it to start recording by motion detection, which will help conserve the battery on your hidden camera. If you live in an area with break-ins, this motion detection becomes an excellent feature to let you see who is snooping around the house without having to set the camera to record manually each time you need to capture images. Motion detection recording is also great for checking up on whether your kids are following curfew. As soon as someone walks by the coat hanger, the camera turns on and begins recording in five-minute increments.

Aside from recording just video, this little device can capture audio as well, thanks to the built-in microphone. There is no option to record just audio, but having sound to go with your video is a fantastic feature. Record any conversations you may be leery of while out of the home or office. Keep tabs on what the babysitter is doing while you are away. Actions speak louder than words, but if you have words to go with recorded actions, it can make things easier.

The Coat Hook Hidden Camera can also capture still images, but not in regular fashion. This hidden camera will actually take a snapshot from the video that is already recorded. You can’t push a button or have it set to take still pictures, but you can view snapshots on your computer when you hook up the camera up.


The design of the Coat Hanger Hidden Camera is as effective as a coat hanger you would find in the home, and it’s equally effective as a functioning camera. Primarily, this coat hanger looks just like a coat hanger, and if you ever aren’t using it as a camera, you can easily hang your coat on it. The design can be found in many different stores around the country and the pinhole camera is almost invisible. The hidden camera comes with screws so you can keep it safely in place on the wall.


The Coat Hook Hidden Camera has a broad field of view at 90 degrees. This will easily give you access to the majority of any room you want to monitor. The focal point on the lens is 3.7 mm, which is very standard amongst hidden cameras, and it will give you a sharp, clear image. Connections for viewing the camera’s footage are both convenient and well hidden. Behind the coat hook is the SD memory card slot and the USB connection that attaches the camera to your computer. This design keeps the blatant recording features out of view of your subject.

Additional Features: 

While it would be nice if this hidden camera came with a built-in DVR (it does have a convenient USB port, after all), the Coat Hook Hidden Camera comes equipped with an SD card slot that will support up to 16GB of storage space. This gives you roughly 120 minutes of continual recording time. There is no option to switch between black and white and color video, but this camera does record in color, which is a much better way to record video anyway.

This camera shoots video at a standard 30 frames per second, which will ensure your video appears fluid. Video is time and date stamped to help you determine when the video was shot and make it easier for you to keep a record.

Help & Support: 

All of Brickhouse Security’s products, including the Coat Hook Hidden Camera, come with 90-day warranties. But should you run into a snag while trying to work the camera, you can send them an email or call their toll-free number. The best feature of their support system is the live chat. It allows you to speak with an agent online, which comes in handy if you can’t access your phone at the time. This specific product does come with a manual that you can download from the Brickhouse website, and you can also access how-to guides as well as the Brickhouse blog. This blog is maintained frequently and can give you tips on how to get the most out of your hidden camera.

The Coat Hook Hidden Camera can record video and perform its function without problems. Its ability to record color video in high definition makes it a perfect tool for monitoring your home or office. Since it is able to function as both a hidden camera and a coat hook, you will never have to worry about anyone noticing you noticing them.


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