CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Color Bullet Camera


Color bullet cameras are the standard security cameras in the CCTV industry. They are very small and lightweight. Most color bullet cameras are about 5 inch’s long and 3 inch in diameter. They are even small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Color bullet cameras will display 420 lines resolution and have 1/4″ Sharp, Sony or Panasonic chip sets embedded into it’s shell. We carry only one basic model. It is an entry level security camera and works best outdoors. You’ll find that color bullet cameras work well in many residential and small business settings.

More About Color Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras got their name, because they look like the bullet of a shotgun barrel or riffle. With it being so slender it is an ideal way to stay covert with getting amazing video resolution. Color bullet cameras are very cheap and if you find them over a hundred dollars then you are paying too much. The quality you get depends on the chip set. A chip set is the integrated circuit board with an attached lens that takes in light. Typically color bullet cameras have a quarter-inch chip set and most are Sharp chip sets.

Color Bullet Cameras Make Great Outdoor Security Cameras

If your CCTV application calls for a basic, day time only security camera, then you will want to add this to your arsenal. Although color bullet cameras can see fine during the day, in low light conditions they cannot. We do have other models of bullet cameras that have color and infrared lights embedded around lens, but this page focuses only on color bullet cameras. Infrared cameras look different and weigh more than regular color cameras. Color bullet cameras, can survive outside in rainy, stormy, windy, hot and cold weather conditions like Weatherproof bullet cameras. So using this camera under the eves of residential homes or businesses, is ideal. Their small size makes them hard to spot.

Color Bullet Cameras and Parenting

Color bullet cameras are invaluable especially their ability to offer parents a pair of extra eyes to keep an eye on their children. There is no price that can weigh out a life of a little one. Many of us have heard about children drowning in pools, being crushed by T.V.s, hitting sharp edges, choking them selves on curtain shutters, all kinds of horrible things. Most of the events could have been prevented if someone just would have told them or had a security camera system with alerts. You can map out whole areas with the help of a PC based DVR’s software and protect what is most precious to you. In fact, you’ll find that the chances of having this simple, easy to install security camera to decrease those odds to less than 1% fatality of children. So think for a second, less than $80 dollars you can have live video that will keep you informed with the where-abouts of your children.

Color Bullet Cameras Make Great Indoor Cameras

If you are looking for a clean cut indoor camera, then you will need a color bullet camera. They fit great in many commercial environments. You can mount these cameras in a corner and never know that they are there. These cameras also come in white, which will help you in your color schemes. Black is the most preferred color for most businesses. Many small businesses such as restaurants, fast-food joints, strip-mall retail stores, dentist or doctors offices will benefit the most from color bullet cameras. They feature a 3.5mm to 4mm lens that give you about 35 feet of viewing distance and a very wide angle of view. The most compelling feature is that indoor at commercial buildings, emergency lights stay on indoors around exits and hi traffic areas. So in the event a situation develops you will have color video indoors even in the night. Although these cameras will not see in total darkness, they are still very effective indoors.