CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Color Dome Camera


Color dome cameras are the initial demands for users beginning to look into developing a CCTV surveillance system. Everyone wants to be able to see in color during the day and night. These color dome cameras render great 420 -480 TV lines of resolution in the brightest lighting conditions. We stress that when buying these colordome cameras, that you know they will not work in total darkness like infrared cameras. However, we do have a few models here that have very low lux ratings. Low lux enables some of these color dome cameras see in color in very low lighting conditions. Just make sure that if you are going to use these security cameras, that your CCTV application is set for viewing during the day-time only. Other than that these cameras are priced at a discount and have great quality.

Color Dome Cameras Work Better During The Day

When you are beginning to look at figuring out what type of security cameras would go well indoors in your home, business, or work environment, color dome cameras are the very best choice for a professional look indoors. They look great and the dome is smokey colored, which prevents anyone from seeing where the lens is pointed. These are all great reasons to integrate a dome camera indoors. If you have an environment that you only want to watch during the day, then color dome cameras are the best solution. They are inexpensive mostly and they offer great 420 lines or resolution during the day. The better the lighting area indoors the better the video. See the color dome cameras have either a SONY OR SHARP chip-set and that chip-set has a surface area, where tiny pixels capture light particles and then send the charge to the internal circuits for digitizing and processing. This process requires light in order for the camera to render an image. Without light the camera will not be able to show any kind of image. So know that color dome cameras do not have infrared technology for it to adapt and see in the dark with infrared lights. Many buyers of color dome cameras only wanted day viewing anyway. Their applications do not call for any night-time viewing and naturally it does not bother them to record video at night.

We Have Color Dome Cameras That See In Low Lighting Conditions

If you are looking for color dome cameras that can see with almost no light in your environment, then you want to choose a color dome camera that has a very low lux. Lux is a term that represents a security camera’s ability to see in the darker conditions and still show a color image. We have two color dome model cameras that can see in lower lighting conditions than any of our other color dome models. Our SONY CMD45VA color dome camera is one of our models that has this technology. The lux rating for this camera is 0.01. When compared to .1 lux that is a subtle difference, but know that this number means there is no ability for the camera to see in darker or low lighting conditions at all. Low lighting condition video rendering is important. Some of our customers have CCTV applications where they need to be able to see in the dark. Although the environment is not total darkness, they have a night light on if it is a residential environment or if it is a business application users have an emergency light on. In business environments the most important areas, usually keep a emergency light. This light is usually enough light for a nearby color dome camera, with low lux capabilities to render color video. This is what we mean by a camera that can see in the dark. The small amounts of ambient lighting from a nightlight or emergency light enables the color dome cameras we sell to see in color in the worst lighting conditions.