Security camera system

Components of Video Security Cameras

Video security cameras are one of the most admired and popular surveillance mechanisms. They meet the security needs of business organizations, homes, airports, shopping stores, hotels, and many others. They work like an alert security guard providing security and protection throughout the day and night. If any criminal or unlawful activity happens, video recordings done by video security camera can be used to detect and catch criminals.

A video security system consists of CCTV security cameras, CCTV cables, monitors, and other CCTV accessories. Each one of them has been briefly explained below:

  • CCTV Security Camera: One of the most vital components of close-circuit surveillance system is the security camera. They are installed at the corners of the walls, ceilings and other pivot points of the surveillance location. They keep an eye on every movement and also enable you to zoom and pan-tilt at a particular location. Nowadays, large variety of CCTV security cameras are available including dome cameras, pan-tilt cameras, IR day/night vision camera, and many more.
  • Digital Video Recorders: Digital video recorders (DVRs) record data in a digital format. DVRs do not need video tapes as the recording is done on a hard drive or memory card. DVRs feature “motion detection” that triggers recording as it senses activities and they are also equipped with Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) that helps to schedule recording in advance. DVRs are widely used for entertainment and surveillance due to their large storage space. The storage space on a DVR ranges from 500 GB all the way to 2 terabytes. To put this in perspective, a 500 GB system with four cameras can record for an entire week. This is a total of 168 hours of recording!
  • Display Monitor: Monitors help in displaying the pictures captured by the security cameras. Using split mode, you can have 4 views, 8 views or 16 views depending upon the features. There is also an option in some cameras to switch from one camera to another or even use picture-in-picture view. There are many types of CCTV security monitors available in the market including monochrome security monitors, color security monitors, flat LCD screen monitors, and TFT flat screen monitors.
  • CTTV Cables: Cables play an important role in video security cameras as the picture quality highly depends on quality of the transmission media. There are only two kinds of cables used in CCTV cameras i.e. coaxial pair cable and twisted pair. The coaxial cable is usually used in CCTV camera installation, but you can also use twisted cable with a video balun at both sending and receiving end.
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