Law Enforcement Security Camera

Covert Vehicle Surveillance System

Ideal for burglary of motor vehicle (BMV) operations and full auto theft shut down

A bait car is a monitored vehicle used by law enforcement to capture car thieves. Covert vehicle monitoring programs are increasingly popular and are being implemented by law enforcement agencies nationwide to prevent and reduce motor vehicle burglaries and auto theft.

The ability to run operations in different areas quickly and in a variety of situations, and control recording environments, makes covert vehicle surveillance systems attractive to departments of all sizes.

Having worked with a large number law enforcement departments as they developed their programs, we have learned that while every department’s needs and goals are unique, most of the desired core components of a covert vehicle surveillance system for creating a bait car are the same.

That’s why we developed an easy-to-order covert vehicle recording kit using the most common components.

A key differentiator in the Supercircuits CVKM1W solution is the DVRM6W mobile DVR, which combines live remote viewing, GPS tracking, and email, plus sensor contact inputs and remote relay controls into one unit. These combined features reduce the system’s overall footprint.

Other solutions only have one or two of these features, so departments have to add several components to get the desired feature set, that are not necessarily made to integrate with each other. This also makes placement and concealment difficult because the amount of cables and hardware required to create a complete in-car system are greater.


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