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Danang: ‘City of 4 Safe Programmes’ coming soon

In an attempt to further promote Da Nang’s ‘5 No’s, 3 Yes’s’ campaign, the city authorities are introducing the ‘City of 4 Safe Programmes’ soon.

These programmes aim to ensure security, traffic safety, food safety and hygiene, and social welfare for local residents.

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A meeting recently took place to discuss the programmes’ implementation.  The event was co-chaired by the municipal People’s Committee Chairman, Mr Huynh Duc Tho, and the Director of the Department of Police, Colonel Le Van Tam.

Chairman Tho at the event

At the event, the participants reviewed the implementation of night patrols and the installation on a trial basis of surveillance cameras.

The Deputy Director the Department of Police, Colonel Nguyen Van Chinh, said “In the nearly 6 months since the launch of the night patrol programme in the city, it has helped to detect and arrest 41 people involved in property thefts, 98 for using illegal drugs, and 62 for illegal gambling.  In addition, 173 fights were dealt with, and 1,436 families were reminded to close their doors or windows at night. The patrols broke up several groups of youngsters gathering for drinks at night, and dealt with 386 road traffic violations.”

In addition, numerous positive results have been recorded since surveillance cameras have been installed in some local areas, including Thanh Khe District’s Xuan Ha Ward, an intersection of Cach Mang Thang Tam and Nguyen Huu Tho, and at the western end of the Han River Bridge.

By late 2017, Da Nang will have a total of 9,082 security cameras operating across the city, all under the management of the Police and Transport departments.  In detail, 857 will be installed at key traffic accident and security violation hotspots, 71 at busy street intersections, 3,363 at businesses and government departments and agencies, and 4,791 in residential areas.

Addressing the meeting, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho affirmed that the positive results from the night patrols had proved the efficiency of the city’s effective and timely policies on crime prevention and control.  He also took the opportunity to ask local patrol officers to continue upholding their strength and sense of responsibility in order to reduce the number of crimes in the city.

With regard to the installation of surveillance cameras at local intersections, the city leader stressed the need for local relevant agencies to ensure that the cameras can automatically detect vehicles violating the city’s traffic rules and produce clearly visible images.  The focus should be on finding suitable areas for installation, and ensuring the quality of cameras at reasonable prices.

In addition, importance should be attached to raising public awareness about the benefits of installing surveillance cameras in the city in order to appeal for contributions from them to help the work progress.

At the event, a total of over 2.8 billion VND was raised from 11 organisations and individuals for installing surveillance cameras in the city.

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