There are a number of difference between outdoor and indoor security cameras . First and foremost as their names suggest there exists significant distinction on where they supposed to be mounted, the outdoor security camera should be placed outside the house or structure while the indoor camera is meant to be mounted inside the structure or the house. The environmental elements outside and those inside a house do vary thus bringing a major differences between how they are made to withstand such conditions.

The outdoor camera needs to work under different lighting condition from the indoor security camera, given that during the day and night there exists a changing light variation outside, plus at night the outdoor camera needs to capture a more detailed video in a less illuminated condition, for that case therefore the outdoor camera has to be more powerful than the indoor camera with regard to how they function, whereby the indoor camera seems to work within a specific confines in a constant environment.

Other than the outdoor camera being waterproof as well as being able to withstand varying weather
conditions, due to the fact that they are normally located outside, they are also vulnerable to burglary and theft.So to curb such situations from affecting the outdoor camera, the outside cameras have proven to be bigger and larger than the indoor camera. At the same time, the indoor cameras are usually placed under some protective housing in order to save it from the numerous harsh conditions and attacks from lots of external factors.

The exposure of the outdoor security camera, requires it to withstand a lot without being compromised. So the material appropriate to perform under such circumstances is mainly a metal, which in many at times are used to construct the body of the outdoor camera whereas the body of the indoor camera. Most of the time it is usually the plastic since this material can work effectively inside the house. Furthermore, the prices of these cameras do vary as well, so in a relative conditions the outdoor tends to be more expensive than the indoor security camera.

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