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Dome / Bullet Security Cameras : Which do I need?

Since I have been in the surveillance industry I have designed systems from residential homes to enterprise class commercial applications with all types of cameras. However, I always seem to come back to what style or type of camera I should be using. The two main most popular and functional types of CCTV cameras are dome & bullet and each has its own set of benefits.Dome Security CCTV Camera

Let us take a look at dome cameras first. Some people like to call this the “eye ball” camera. The dome camera became famous due to so many people being able to adjust, move, or destroy the traditional box camera. Dome cameras can be very covert in nature and designed to increase style in your application. Most end users are looking for a sleeker look especially when using cameras indoors. Another major benefit to dome cameras is the vandal resistant / proof benefit. This means that a special key / screw in some cases is required to open the cameras in order to make any adjustments to the lens. Dome cameras can also manipulate the field of view by not letting culprits know the exact angle of the camera which making some think they are not truly being watched.

Bullet Security CCTV CamerasBullet security cameras also have their own unique sense of style, but many will not utilize them for fear that the camera can be tampered with. If you are looking to be cost effective this just may be the way to go. Some bullet camera designs can be very discrete by coming in sizes slightly over two inches long (see mini pinhole bullet lens camera). Also bullet cameras are great if you are trying to focus on an exact area with a narrow field of view. They are great for indoors and outdoors and installers love their wall mounting capabilities.

In conclusion, dome and bullet cameras are somewhat similar in features. When designing your next security application just make sure you are choosing the one that fits your application the best.