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Dome Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Dome Security Camera

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Dome security cameras are the most professional looking cams in the industry. They have some of the same functionality of many bullet camera models. There are so many different varieties of dome security cameras that work towards different goals in achieving the right video shot. There are mini color domes cameras, regular color domes cameras, day/night dome cameras, infrared dome cameras (infrared camerasin a dome shape), varifocal dome cameras, vandal proof dome cameras, and then there are model dome cameras that encompasses all those technologies in one camera. So depending on the style or foliage of the building’s environment, domes might be the better choice both indoors or outdoors. One of the main highlights with dome cameras is that they are the only class of camera that has vandal proof protection. This feature comes in handy when you are integrating surveillance camerasto watch for vandals, should they try and damage this cam in an attempt to create video loss, this vandal protection will counter this destructive behavior.
Types of Dome Security Cameras

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Dome Security Cameras FAQ

Learning About Dome Security Cameras

How does a dome security camera work?

Dome security cameras work the same as any other cam, except the lens is inside of a shell which shides where the lens is really pointed. This is great for many retail, restaurant, fast-food, and warehouse applications. Just like bullets, a dome security camera is availible in many different models and each has it’s own set of features that make it unique for certain CCTV security zones.

What is a “vandal proof” dome security camera?

Vandal proof dome cameras have special casings that can take some serious abuse from multiple problems. They were designed in direct response to teenagers and other vandals that were trashing homes and damaging the security cameras that were put up. Dome security cameras are indestructible by most vandal attempts. Some of these models can with-stand blows from a 15 pound sledge hammer.

How many different styles of dome cameras are there?

Dome security cameras come in many different forms, such as ptz style cameras, vandal domes, infrared domes, weather proof domes, indoor domes, and many more. The use of the shell really adds for a more covert way and discrete method to monitor certain objects, people and operations.

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How does a dome security camera mount?

There are a few ways you can mount a dome security camera. The great thing aboutdome cameras is that they do not need a mounting bracket. The cameras come with a small kit of screws and dry wall screws that enable you to mount from the ceiling. There are some dome camera that have 3-axis of adjustment bracket and this allows for the option to mount against the wall. Also there are wall-mounting brackets available, that allow for mounting more professionally in many outdoor applications.

What kind of chip-sets do most dome cameras have?

Most dome cameras have either a Sony, Sharp, or Panasonic chip-set. Each of these manufactures have different technologies that have a great effect in overall quality of video produce by a ccd camera. All of our domes have either a Sony or Sharp chip-set. Some models have the Sony Super HAD chip-set and produce very high quality of video. We have some dome cameras that have 550 TV lines of video.

Will the dome of the camera washout the video image due to the infrared lights?

No! Nowadays infrared dome security cameras have a small sponge ring that fits around the lens and snugs the glass to prevent the glare from bouncing into the lens. This technology has been around now for about 5 years now.

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Designing A CCTV System Using Dome Security Cameras

Can I use a dome camera outside?

Yes, there are some dome security cameras that have been designed to resist water, heat and the cold. Always look at the IP rating on outside dome cameras to measure what kind of water and abuse they can handle for certain parts of the word.

Can I mount a dome camera outside my home?

You should check with your zone and neighborhood, but typically you can. They are probably preferred because they are not totally obvious. Mounting PTZ cameras from the side of your house might be a problem, but again you want to go for a more discrete approach. You can recess mount some high speed dome security cameras under the eves of your roof to hide the camera. A dome security camera is very nice looking and goes great in any residential area.

How do I mount my dome security camera indoors?

A dome security camera does not need a mounting bracket. They have the screw holes already for you to implant your machine thread screws with. We suggest that if you have drop-down tile ceilings that you take the tile down first and then mount the camera.

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How do I adjust my varifocal settings for my dome security camera?

You will have pop off the dome or the base of the camera in order to get to the varifocal settings. Some models are different than others, majority of the cameras have a side opening point, where you can use a quarter or nickel to pop the camera open.