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Don’t Cut It’s Worth Going the Extra Cable

When it comes to Security Cameras and DVR systems, many factors can go into making a precise decision on the items that will make up the whole Unit.  One aspect that seems to be over looked quite a bit is in regards to the Cable. For Analog cameras they tend to use the popular cable known as Siamese Cable. This cable carries the Video and Power in one strand.

Where it gets tricky is knowing when to use Pre-Cut Siamese Cable vs. a spool of Siamese Cable. Pre-Cut Cable comes at a certain length 25’, 50’, 75’, 100’,ext with connectors per attached. Typically you can find spools of Siamese Cable at 500’ and 1000’ while needing to attach your own connectors.


Where this can get complicated is many people will purchase Pre-Cut cable thinking it’s the same exact type of cable as Spooled Cable. Theoretically it is, however where they differ is in that if measurements aren’t exact people think they can just cut Pre-Cut Cable and reattach the connectors.  This can cause serious video degradation. Pre-Cut Siamese Cable has a thinner copper thread since it has the connectors pre-attached it’s not intended to be cut again, and that’s why you’ll experience issues. You’ll also experience issues if you try to attach two pre cut cables together to create longer distances of runs.

So if you aren’t sure of the length of runs, it’s better in the long run to go with the spool of Siamese Cable.  It may take a little work applying the cuts and connectors but it’s not nearly as costly as losing quality in your video feed.