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Dummy Security Camera Domes use as Deterrent to Crimes


Dummy security camera domes are some of the most commonly used types of dummy security camera. This is because the security camera domes are more efficient when it comes to recording if there’s a movement of intruder within the entrance of a certain property.

Why security camera is important? Security camera or surveillance camera are commonly used these days because the rate of crimes like robbery, rape and murder, are increasing every day. In order to be protected and secured, the use of security camera is the best thing to do because it can avoid these bandits or law breakers to do some crime. On the other hand, security cameras are expensive, sadly, only rich people can avail to have this device installed on their house.

Dummy security camera domes use as deterrent to crime is the best choice if you don’t want to invest money on surveillance camera. These are actually phony camera that can mislead the intruder. Dummy security domes use as deterrent to crime are like genuine cameras, but they are not functional or operational to record data. On the downside, these cameras don’t guarantee a complete security.

In order for this device to be effective, it should have the features like the real ones, so that the criminals can be tricked. The dummy security camera dome must be resistant to any weather and water-proof. It should have lens just like the ones common in real one, the material of the lens must be glass.  This is essential for the reason that you need to convince these lawbreakers to do further crimes.

Dummy security camera dome use as deterrent to crimes must have other aspects as well like a blinking LED to provide the appearance just like the real one. As much as possible, it is ideal to select the blinking LED models, which require batteries for you to replace in regular basis. A good dummy security camera dome have a fake wire or cable as if it is working to convince potential criminal to target a certain property.

Dummy security camera domes offer great advantages. One of the clear benefits of it is for being inexpensive, meaning every people can avail. The usual price of a dummy security camera domes ranges from $15 to $45 per set. When you purchase real camera, it will cost you $50 above and you will still need to spend for installing or adding accessories. When you have a dummy security camera domes it’s like hanging a picture frame onto the ceiling or wall.

Finally, even if dummy security camera domes offer you to save on your budget, it does not guarantee you a full safety and protection from lawbreakers. As you know, if there is already a real threat to your property and you, it cannot assist you to get help from authorities. That is why, it would be great if you can still use real security camera domes in some areas of your house just mix the dummy security camera to avoid criminals from entering.