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Easy Guide For Your Security DVR System

So you are the sole proprietor of a retail shop and after much research on, you have pieced together the perfect digital video security system to help curb your increasing shrinkage problem. Huge 500 gig hard drive, 10 days of storage, 2 gigs of ram, and the latest video card. You are locked and loaded just ready to nab some thieves that are bleeding you dry.


The first week you watch more stored video than a kid on a PlayStation. The next not as much and then a month later – you’re not watching it at all. Whether you are a small mom and pop outlet or a franchised national chain; the simple fact is, to get the most value out of your digital video system, you have to review the footage.

After the honeymoon you still got to pay attention to your mate. After the digital security purchase you have to still watch the footage to catch or spot irregularities than you might not see in real time.

Only when I get that feeling

Are you one of those people that only refer to the stored footage after you think somebody was acting strange in aisle twelve? Doing that is good of course but what about the person that was actually doing some serious lifting in aisle eight that you didn’t notice. Using this expensive system only to follow up on hunches is a waste of money.

I know, reviewing storage footage takes more time than you got in the day even if you speed it up. You can’t run the store and watch video at the same time.

Visible security cameras will deter some theft but the professional thief will not care about cameras. They will test your system to see whether you actually watch the “tape”.

At least on an analog VCR system you could just pull the tape and set it aside for viewing later. While in the digital age, you can’t pull a drive as easily as pulling a cassette out of a recorder. If you don’t watch your footage; it will get over written at some point in time. That’s the beauty of a digital system; no tape swapping to remember.

Here are a few simple tips to get you reviewing the footage regularly:

  • Schedule time to actually watch some footage – you don’t have to watch it all at once but if you review some of it that’s better than nothing. Even if it’s just an half an hour a day – that’s better than not at all.
  • Watch more the footage of known trouble spots then of areas that are relatively incident free.
  • Setup a remote connection and let your children play detective. The better systems allow remote viewing so let your children or spouse review footage. The children may even find it fun. Even an 8 year old can tell if someone put something in their pocket without paying.
  • Let a trusted employee watch some footage too. Just make sure you setup permissions to block out any hidden cameras you don’t want the employee to know about.