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Effective Use of the Auto Dialer Security System

Break-ins and thefts happen on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your home is protected by an alarm, and it will even call you in the event that your home is being invaded? There are such systems on the market today, and they are not particularly expensive. This type of system is very useful in a high-crime area, and it will offer you the ability to control it from miles and miles away.

The auto dialer security system can keep your home safe, and give you added peace of mind. With such advances in home security, it is a comfort to know that you won’t need to spend a fortune in keeping your home and your family safe from intrusion.

How It Works

The auto dialer system works buy using several detection methods, but it performs one main function: it calls you in the event that your home has been breached.  First, the auto dialer security system has several sensor options. For instance, you might be able to find one with a magnetic door sensor. There are also motion sensor options, as well as pressure sensors that are available. It is probably best to find one that has multiple ways to detect intrusion.

With only one detection point (or one mode of detection), a smart intruder would be able to figure out how to bypass this system. But, with multiple detection points, an intruder would have a challenge juggling avoidance of two or more sensors at the same time. This covers your home more completely, increasing the effectiveness of your auto dialer security system.  Once a sensor has been tripped, it signals to the dialer pad, or the “chime”, that movement has been detected. This dialer pad then sounds a loud, sharp alarm. In most cases, this would scare away the intruder before further damage is done. If the intruder insists on staying, the dialer calls your cell phone.

This performs several functions:

  • This will initially notify you that the alarm has been activated.
  • If the intruder is merely a friendly visitor, but was caught off guard by the new auto dialer, then you can simply disarm it with your cellphone.
  • You can notify the police from your own cellphone since you’ve been called by your security system.
  • If the trip did take place because of an actual intruder, you will be able to talk directly to the individual.

Overall, these systems have performed remarkably in the past few years. This technology has only been available cheaply in the past decade, but it has already deterred much criminal activity.  The most important function of auto dialer monitoring systems is that it gives the user peace of mind in knowing that they will be called the moment the alarm has been tripped. Not only will you have a greater chance at minimizing loss or damage in the event of an intruder, but you will be able to notify the police in hopes of apprehending the suspect much faster.

Emergency Auto Dialer with Two-Way Communication

Emergency Auto Dialer with Two-Way Communication