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FLIR Systems, Inc. – Leading Supplier of Thermal Security Cameras for the Nuclear Industry

With more thermal cameras in the field than all other companies combined, FLIR Systems is the acknowledged leader in thermal imaging around the world.

An industry innovator since 1978, FLIR has quickly become the leading supplier of high performance thermal security cameras for facilities that have to maintain constant vigilance against intruders. Recent rules out of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requiring nuclear facilities to provide continuous 24-hour surveillance, observation, and monitoring of their perimeter and control areas have proven quite onerous to most imaging technologies, but not to FLIR’s thermal security cameras.

Nuclear facilities around the country have responded to these demanding requirements by installing hundreds of FLIR’s thermal security cameras in the past year alone, realizing the power of having true 24-hour video surveillance capability. The FLIR thermal security advantage is undeniable:

  • FLIR thermal security cameras detect heat, not light, so they can see clearly, night and day, without any additional illumination.
  • Standard CCTV and lowlight cameras require the acquisition and installation of additional illumination sources. Their installation, maintenance, and power requirements make them cost-prohibitive compared to FLIR’s thermal alternative.
  • FLIR thermal cameras typically detect intruders from much greater distances than do comparable CCTV and lowlight cameras, giving security forces more time to react and respond.
  • Force-on-force exercises have repeatedly shown that thermal cameras are the hardest video surveillance technology to defeat.
flir-security-camera flir-security-cameras

Security experts throughout the industry agree: thermal security cameras from FLIR are the best solution for meeting the NRC’s 24/7 video surveillance requirement as an integral part of the Detect, Delay, Respond strategy, designed to give security forces time to locate, contain, and neutralize adversaries before they can access or damage nuclear materials.

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