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Gift Guide For The Home: Our Picks for The Security Savvy

Still on the hunt for that perfect security gift for the safety savvy person on your list? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve picked out 5 of this year’s top must-have safety gadgets. These toys are guaranteed to make you and your home happy and safe this holiday season. And the best part! All of these items are available online to ship directly to you with out leaving the comfort of your own soon to be more secure home. So, what are you waiting for? Start reading and let your fingers do the walking (and ordering).

Security Gift Guide


  1. Wireless Home Security System From SimpliSafe – While there are plenty of home alarm systems we recommend (see our Security System Reviews for a full rundown), SimpliSafe’s starter package is the ideal option for those looking for an easy to install system with no strings attached (read: no contract!). The DIY kit comes complete with easy to follow instructions and in no time you’ll have your house protected from unwanted guests, keeping you and your spanking new belongings safe.
  2. Nest Thermostat – If you haven’t heard all the rage about Nest yet, then you’re missing out! This easy to install digital thermostat is HOT right now. Not only does this replace the dated, ugly control panel on your wall, it helps save you money by remembering your heating and cooling patterns and adjusting accordingly.
  3. Dropcam Video Camera – Keep an eye on your house to make sure all is safe. You can also use it to  peak in on your pets while you are away. With a wide angle, 130-degree camera angle, you can see more than you might expect from this small, inconspicuous device. Installing it is almost as easy as ordering – within in minutes you’ll be hooked up and live streaming the view to your smartphone.
  4. Keyless Door Lock – No keys? No problem! This functional and stylish lock gives your door a tech upgrade. Never be locked out of your house again. Also great for when you have visitors or the maid is scheduled to clean, you can schedule a one-time guest code for them to get in. And receive a text or email alert when someone uses the code so you know they are home. Great for when the kids get home from school before you do. And if someone finds out your top secret code, don’t worry, you can change it to a more secure.
  5. Home Automation System From FrontPoint –  If you are looking for a way to add control and also save you money on your electricity bill while also adding safety, look no further than home automation! This service, provided by many security companies as well as stand-alone home automation providers, allows you to control lighting, temperatures, door locks, video cameras throughout your house from your smart phone. All the savings you will generate on your electric bills will likely pay for themselves in a short time while also adding added security by making your home appear inhabited even when you are not there.