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Glass Break Sensors and Detectors


Glass windows and doors brighten a home and help bring the view and the feel of the outdoors in. Essential as they are, glass windows and doors—easy to shatter and break—are prime targets of entry for intruders. Even if a home’s windows and doors are already protected by contact sensors, that detect opening and closing, someone can still break in through a glass area because those sensors won’t detect the shattering of glass, which means they won’t trigger the alarm. The addition of glass break sensors provides that much needed protection to tighten a home’s overall security.

How Glass Break Sensors Work

Glass break sensors and detectors work using two different technologies: acoustic detection and shock detection. Acoustic detection senses the sound of breaking glass, while a shock detector respond to the vibration of breaking glass. When shattered glass is detected, they sound an alarm, alerting anyone who may be in the home, the monitoring service, and/or the homeowner remotely by phone, text, or email.

They are available both hardwired and wireless, which makes them easy to incorporate into an existing home security system or a new one. Detectors are relatively small and mount on the wall or ceiling. Since they generally need to be at least 20 feet away in all directions from the glass they’re protecting, one sensor per room may offer adequate protection.

How to Choose a Glass Break Detector

There are many degrees of glass break detectors available in as many different price points. The simplest is the least expensive option, and while not every home requires the high tech protection of a glass enclosed retail store, most homeowners should consider the level of protection their home needs. The best choice is the glass break detector that works effectively, is easy to use, and provides the sense of security that brings peace of mind.

Some Options to Consider When Shopping for a Glass Break Sensor:

  • Narrowband microphones detect sounds similar in frequency to the sound of breaking glass, making this simple, less expensive option prone to false alarms.
  • Broadband microphones are more complex in that they analyze sound on more than one level, which makes them more accurate.
  • Microphone plus microprocessor analyzes the frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds at a heightened level to detect even “soft breaks” which are quiet and might otherwise go undetected. Minimal false alarms with this dual technology.
  • Broad range glass break sensors can protect glass up to 30 feet away
  • Ceiling mounts are less likely to be obstructed by furniture or other obstacles
  • Low energy
  • Indicators for testing and low battery

Who is it for?

Just as no home should be without the beauty and function of glass windows, doors, and door panels, no home should be without secured entries throughout. Even with a standard home security system in place, unless it has glass break detectors, the home is not secured. Consider making glass break detection a part of your home security system if you are a:

  • Homeowner who wants the security of what is often the first line of defense in a home intrusion
  • Household with accessible glass windows, doors or door panels of any size
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