gsaSecurity Cameras For Government

CCTV and IP security cameras are giving governments across the country the tools to monitor their local facilities such as courthouses, water treatment plants, airports, police stations, parks, roadways and many, many more! Government Security Camera Solution provides state of the art surveillance equipment to government agencies whose desire for real time information can be as varied as the need to watch a toll bridge to the need to monitor patrons at a rehabilitation center.

From simple Security Camera Systems of decades gone by, monitored in live time by security guards working the night shift, to today’s internet accessible PC based Digital Video Recorders, the demand for Government Security Camera Systems has been on a steady rise.

Today’s application of security camera systems in the education environment often lend themselves to outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom cameras to cover vast open campus areas.

Government Security System Features
Designed to be used by workers outside the security profession, the DELL PC based DVR Security Camera Server offers several distinct advantages over traditional VHS solutions:

  • Advanced Alert to Cell Phone, Pager, Monitoring Service or Email monitors
  • Monitor your entire building area including gates, buildings, fences, vehicles, parking lot, exits, and personnel.
  • Provides live video feed to Police and other law enforcement agencies
  • View live video feed via PDA’s and other wireless devices
  • Is easily updated and expanded
  • Documents all activities 24×7
  • Fully automated, no tapes or adjustments needed after initial setup.

Security Camera Surveillance Systems are installed at all levels of government.
Federal, State, County, and Local Security Camera Customers include:

  • Police and Fire Departments
  • Jail Cells and Prisons
  • City Building
  • Courthouse
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • City equipment storage areas
  • Bus Stops
  • Airports
  • City Parks
  • City Swimming Pools
  • Train Stations

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