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HDCCTV Cameras : The Latest Technological Evolution in CCTV

It’s that time ladies and gentlemen, the HD CCTV camera is finally here at ApexCCTV! It’s been a long time in the making, but these products are finally available and ready for your perusal. HDCCTV cameras are the latest technological advancement in our industry and they fill that pesky gap between the industry standard, and cost-effective, analog security systems and high resolution, megapixel IP camerasystems. It’s the grey area where basically all of us belong. We want the crystal clear footage from IP, but can’t, or don’t want to, make the investment.


It’s natural. It’s difficult to justify upgrading the system you bought for a cool grand last year to a system that cost two or three times that. Times are tight, but the HD CCTV is here to give you what you want for the money you have in your wallet. By upgrading your security hardware to HD CCTV equivalents, you’ll go from grainy analog video to crystal clear IP video streams in just a handful of hours.

To keep your eyes from rolling into the back of your head with all the technical specs and geek speak, it’s bullet time.

HDCCTV Security System Benefits

  • 900+ TVL Cameras deliver IP quality video
  • 1080p High Definition Video
  • IP Quality Images at Analog Pricing
  • Functions on existing analog infrastructure
  • You don’t have to run new cable!