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Hidden Camera Solutions For Nursing Homes or Nanny Watching


When deciding what camera system is best for a nursing home or nanny watching there are a few things you should keep in mind.

How are you going to view the video?
Your recorded videos can either be saved on an SD Card or on a PC at a remote location.

The most successful systems for nursing homes are usually SD Card based as it requires less for operation and is easiest to setup. Videos are saved on an SD Card for viewing at a later time. All you have to do is find a spot to place the camera where it will remain untouched and that’s it. When you return to the camera just swap the SD Card and it will continue recording. An 8 GB SD card will hold 20+ hours of recording on motion detection mode, so depending on the motion it could cover about a week worth of video.

If you were interested in watching the video live over the internet you would need:

  • Direct access to the wireless router at the Nursing Home (including the username/password)
  • A computer at a remote location on and always recording or configured to record on motion
  • Internet access at both locations

Power Connection

When a device is battery powered the average it can record video for is around 5 hours before you would have to return and replace the batteries. For a lot of applications that’s just not practical, it works out better when the camera system is connected directly to an outlet.