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Hidden Security Cameras FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Hidden Security Camera


Hidden security cameras are cameras made to conceal their presence. All hidden cameras have some sort of small mini pin or micro pin cam inside. They come in all kinds of objects and shapes. The most common are smoke detectors, motion detector cams, pens, exit signs, and clocks. The thing with hidden cameras is you must pull off the best fabrication setup possible. You have to look at the environment you have and try to make the cam blend in with the environment. Depending on the foliage available, you will need to think about many factors first and then determine what type of hidden camera will work best.

Types of Hidden Security Cameras

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Security Cameras

Learning More About Hidden Security Cameras

What does a hidden security camera do?

A hidden camera simply provides the end-user with a covert way to monitor video or even record video for later viewing. The goal in using a hidden security camera is to gather information about something or someone.
hidden camerasIs a hidden security camera illegal?

No they are not illegal at all. The only thing that is illegal is to record video or audio of someone in manner to blackmail them, or use it in court to convict without their consent.

How do you use hidden security cameras?

You can use hidden security cameras in many different ways. Many people get very creative in the way the plant their hidden cameras. If you buy an object based hidden security camera, then you just mount it and walk away. But if you need to get more covert, micro-pin hidden cameras can be put inside teddy bears, pillows, book cases, door holes and much more. Most people forget that you will still need to run power to the unit, so keep that in mind when you select your location. If you have power you can always view the video with a bnc connector that connects to a cable which you can input into a T.V. or security DVR for recording, multiplexing and playback.

What kind of lens sizes do hidden security cameras have?

Hidden security cameras usually have very small lens. The mm size is usually a 2.0mm or 2.5mm lens. Most all the hidden security camera’s lens types are fixed lenses. It is very rare that a hidden cam should have a varifocal lens.

Can a hidden security camera record on it’s own?

No! You need a security dvr to record, unless the hidden cam you have has a built-in dvr. There are some hidden cameras that have built in recording technology. Usually these hidden cameras have USB port to them, where you can connect it to a PC and extract the data. But generally more powerful hidden cameras will need a BNC connection, where you run the video connection to a security dvr to record on a hard drive.
hidden security cameraHow To Integrate a Hidden Security Camera Into Your Environment

Can I use hidden security cameras outdoors?

No! Hidden cameras are not weatherproof. You will have to fabricate something to work outside, however this usually takes away from the quality of video. Nothing is better inside a shell. Here’s the thing, the water from the dew point will destroy the unit.

Can I use a hidden security camera inside an air vent?

Not unless the camera can handle the cold or hot air that will be blowing on it. Always read the specs to see if it can handle the temparatures of the environment it will be operating in.