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Home Security 101: Things to Do to Protect Your Home

In many cities across the US, property crimes have risen due to the current economical situation. It is import now, more than ever, to protect your home & loved ones from possible intrusion.


According to the Burglary Prevention Council, most home burglaries occur during the day. When people are away at work or school, your house is sitting empty & is a prime target for a would be burglar. So what should you do to protect your home?

There are actually quite a few things you can do to protect your home & family from intruders:

*Install motion lights near door ways.

*Keep bushes & hedges trimmed low so burglars can’t hide behind them or their shadows.

*When you are away from home, have your mail & papers picked up so they do not pile up.

*Noise! Having a dog or even a recording of a dog barking will deter a burglar.

*Put your lights on a timer so they come on in the evening, even if you are not home.

*Install deadlocks on all external doors & make sure each door & window is locked at night & when you are away from home.

But for the most protection, you should consider installing a home alarm system.

The best alarm system to consider is a monitored burglar alarm system. A Rutgers University study found that having an alarm system installed in your home will prove to be a great deterrant to burglars. Your home alarm system should include a loud inside alarm, motion detectors at all exterior doors and in bedrooms as well as main living areas.

But can a home alarm system really be helpful when it comes to an emergency situation?

Yes because deterring a thief from your home means the thief does not enter the house in the first place. That is why you see people display the company logo of their alarm system on their property. It is a great deterrant!

Is the cost of a home alarm system affordable?

Many quality home alarm systems costs under $900 installed & offer low monthly fees for monitoring. Your insurance company may even offer you up to a 20% discount on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. If you do some comparison shopping, you should be able to find a home alarm system to fit any budget.

But most of all, you will have peace of mind. With most monthly monitored alarm system subscription plans you get added protection from carbon monoxide, fire & smoke, flood, panic alerts as well as medical alerts. All around the clock. Just knowing your home is being monitored & protected by a home alarm system will help you & your family feel safe from any possible emergency.