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Home Security Systems Review


There is a vast array of external threats that can endanger your home and family, ranging from break-ins and theft to fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep your loved ones and assets safe from such dangers with a home surveillance system from a security company. These systems go far beyond traditional house alarms and are comprised of several different security devices to monitor all aspects of your home, such as smoke detectors, motion sensors and security cameras. When one of these devices is triggered, the security company is immediately notified and can dispatch emergency responders if you or your home is in danger.

The security companies on our lineup offer a breadth of monitoring services and systems. Many are customizable, allowing you to choose which and how many security devices to use. Additionally, some systems are self-installed, while others require professional installation. If you want to learn more about our best-rated home surveillance systems, check out our home security reviews for FrontPoint Security, Protect America andSafeMart. To learn more about securing your home, please browse our articles on home security systems.

Home Security Systems: What to Look For

All home security systems have the same objective of safeguarding your family and home from various threats. However, the type of services and security devices these systems are equipped with can vary, and some systems may be more apt for your home than others. We used the following rating criteria to determine the best home security systems, and we recommend that you keep them in mind when you search for the perfect security system for your home.

Monitoring Services
Home security alarm systems come with a variety of services that enable constant and versatile monitoring. These include 24-hour monitoring, home automation services and an online account that allows you to manage your system on the web. Some security systems for home also have remote monitoring from your smartphone or tablet and a two-way intercom that allows you to communicate with the security company through an installed control panel.

Security Devices
The best home security system should entail more than just an alarm to detect unauthorized entry; it should include a wide spectrum of security devices that monitor all facets of your home. The brain of a home surveillance system is a control panel, which essentially runs all the peripheral security devices on the system and wirelessly transmits information (including when a device is triggered) to the security company.

You can connect multiple security devices to your system, including motion sensors to detect intruders when you’re gone, smoke detectors to protect you from fires, and door and window sensors to prevent unwanted entry into your home. There are a number of other devices available to protect your family and possessions, including temperature sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras and glass-break sensors. Many of these devices are wireless, so they are easy to install and don’t require any hardwiring to connect to your security system.

Aside from residential security systems, many companies also provide surveillance systems for businesses and customizable systems that allow you to build a system tailored for your specific security needs.

Help & Support
Home security alarms are an important and sensitive purchase. Therefore, it should be accompanied with comprehensive customer support options to make both installation and use of your system as simple and effective as possible. Available support options security companies should offer include online tutorials, FAQs and a minimum one-year warranty on security devices. The company should also include several channels for contacting support representatives, including email, telephone and live chat.

Some of the companies in our lineup provide wireless home security systems that you install yourself, while others have trained technicians that provide installation. Regardless of which type of system you choose, a home surveillance system provides professional monitoring of a wide array of potential threats. This around-the-clock protection can give you and your family elusive and much-needed peace of mind.