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Home Security Systems: Technology That Keeps Your Family Safe


Home security systems range from a simple setup with a few cameras to a full, sophisticated setup with motion sensors for doors and windows, multiple camera configurations, smoke, fire and water detection alerts, and smartphone-enabled controls allowing home owners to turn the system on and off from miles away or even watch live video feeds. There’s a lot of technology that goes into even the most basic security systems, all designed to improve the safety of you and your family.

Wireless Technology Adds Flexibility

It used to be so expensive to install a home security system that it wasn’t a realistic option for the average family. That’s because the earlier security systems had to be hard-wired, limiting the locations where equipment could be placed and requiring significant re-wiring in some cases. The cost of having a qualified installer spend the time required to get these systems installed properly led to high costs.

Now, wireless technology isn’t just an option for home security – it’s becoming the norm. It’s simply an easier installation and adds more flexibility to the system as a whole, allowing home owners to relocate cameras to different areas at any time without a serious reconfiguration.

Intuitive User Interfaces Put Families at Ease

With intuitive user interfaces that serve as the control board for the home owner, modern home security systems can even be set and disabled by an older child when necessary. The controls aren’t so complex and involved that it requires an adult with a photographic memory to remember how to activate or deactivate the alarm system.

Membrane keypads from are one example of the type of technology that goes into a home security system user interface. A membrane keypad acts as a control panel, or the way a person interacts with the system by issuing commands, activating the alarm, altering settings such as automatic lighting, and other controls. This is all accomplished by a component that, to the user, looks like a simple keypad and makes the whole system easy to operate.

Video Monitoring Puts You in Control

Home security systems have included remote monitoring for many years now, with some providers offering around-the-clock staffing in an offsite location where employees continuously monitored customers’ systems to immediately detect potential threats and notify the authorities and the home owners.

Now that video technology is more affordable, home security systems now come with options to equip your home with as many cameras in whatever areas you want to monitor – and you can view those video feeds in real-time from your smartphone or tablet. With the right configuration, customers can even view live video feeds from thousands of miles away.

Geo-Location Boundaries

A home security system is only effective if it’s active while the family is away from home. But it’s easy to forget to activate a security system before you head out, especially if it’s recently installed. A new geo-location boundary feature keeps tabs on the home owner’s whereabouts using smartphone GPS. If the home owner reaches a boundary – usually a pre-determined number of miles from the home’s location – the system issues a reminder alert that lets the home owner know the security system isn’t activated.

It’s a pain to have to turn around when you’re already on the road headed for a business trip or vacation, but the peace of mind of knowing that your home will be safe and secure while you’re not there to protect it is well worth the trip.

Remote Smartphone Control

If you have a home security system that incorporates most of the technology available, that geo-location alert won’t be a hassle at all. That’s because some home security systems enable home owners to control nearly all the settings using a smartphone. So if you forget to activate the system before you hit the road, a few simple taps on your smartphone is all it takes to be back on your way to your destination.

These are just a few of the technological advancements that have improved home security systems in recent years. Not only are home security systems more technologically capable, but more affordable prices mean that more families can take advantage of the added safety – and peace of mind – they offer.