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Home Surveillance: Protection on Every Front

Homeowners today strive to protect not only their families, but also their homes and possessions. Home surveillance systems can offer the security you desire, but unless you have all your bases covered, you might leave an intruder a proverbial open door. It is vital to inspect your home surveillance plan to make sure that you have every possible defense in place.


Home Security

A common defense that many homeowners rely on is installing home surveillance camerasin their houses and around their property. With the multitude of options for wireless surveillance cameras that are available today, it is possible to thoroughly monitor your home with surveillance equipment around the clock and view the video stream online from any location using an internet browser. Be sure to verify that your home surveillance cameras are compatible with the internet browser you use because Firefox and Safari do not support some camera models.

When choosing home surveillance equipment, opt for Wireless-N models that include built-in microphones, night-mode recording and secure video-feed encryption. A camera that can tilt or pan gives you the ability to control the camera while you view the video remotely and zoom, pan or tilt it to focus on a specific area.

Nanny Cams

Spy cams, which are also known as nanny cams, are home surveillance cameras that are camouflaged as everyday items such as alarm clocks or teddy bears to avoid arousing suspicion. These cameras are becoming increasingly popular as more parents begin to use them to capture precious footage of their children while they are under the care of sitters.

These surveillance devices are also useful for monitoring home repairmen and housekeepers to ensure that they are performing their tasks and not working too slowly, arriving late, leaving early or showing up at unscheduled times.

There are even dual functioning spy cams that perform the function of the item they are housed in, such as a fully functional clock that checks on you as you check the time. You can find unique spy cam housings blend in perfectly with the other items in any room you want to monitor – from clocks, lamps and fire alarms to innocent-looking stuffed animals.

Nanny cams are often equipped with built in DVRs, eliminating the need to run wires to a nearby PC, TV, VCR or DVR recording device. Many of these models have motion detection technology, and some even offer motion masking, which ignores motion below a certain height to avoid recording the antics of household pets and other useless and less potentially adorable recordings.

You should be aware that most nanny cams only record video and do not include an audio feed because most states’ privacy laws prohibit you from making audio recordings without the subject’s consent.

Automobile Security

Hidden cameras are also an often-overlooked method for further safeguarding our cars, even though there are many options for video surveillance equipment geared toward automobile security. Pinhole cameras are a great option for vehicle surveillance because they are small, lightweight and easily concealed. These cameras have a much smaller lens that still provides a wide viewing range. There are wireless spy cameras for vehicle surveillance that are fully self-contained, with built in DVRs that store video footage directly on an internal SD memory card.

Many car cam models also have motion-detection technology and remain in standby mode until they detect movement and instantly begin to record. Once the motion ceases, the camera stops recording and returns to standby mode. This technology provides the longest battery life possible. An infrared night-vision recording mode is an important feature to look for in a vehicle surveillance camera to capture high-quality video in low-light situations, since many break-ins occur at night.

Paying diligent attention to every aspect of home surveillance will help ensure your family’s safety. While homeowners have every right to install home surveillance cameras on their property, there are limits to the types of recordings you can make of individuals without their knowledge or consent. Before you invest in home surveillance cameras, check with your local law enforcement agencies to ensure that your security system complies with local, state and federal laws governing privacy rights.

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