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Home Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance systems can help protect homes and families from crime. They also serve to give homeowners peace of mind. There are many reasons to use home security systems and numerous options for homeowners looking to use surveillance cameras to protect their property. For those curious about home surveillance systems here are some basics to know:


Home Surveillance Uses

The most common reason homeowners invest in modern home surveillance systems is to prevent crime. Homeowners feel that a system of security cameras can help prevent burglary or a home invasion if family members are inside. In the event that a crime does take place, the can be invaluable in tracking down the perpetrators. Home surveillance systems have alerted police right away when crimes occur and they have saved lives and valuable goods.

Some homeowners like to use security cameras inside their house to keep an eye on others they have granted access to their home. This includes concerned parents who have hired an in home nanny to watch their children. Others include adult children who have hired in home caregivers for their elderly parents. Some homeowners just like to keep an eye on cleaning crews, repair techs or pet sitters who work in the home on a regular basis. Whatever, the reason home surveillance systems give these homeowners peace of mind and are very effective at alerting home owners to abusive situations or theft.

There are two broad types of home surveillance systems and the type that will work best for you will depend on your needs and capabilities. The first type is full service home surveillance systems that are orchestrated and maintained by a large security company. Think ADT, Sun Security, etc. These companies employ technicians who will come to your house and install a complete home surveillance system on your property. The system can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. When the security alarm system is sounded, the security company immediately calls your house or cell phone to see if everything is OK. If they do not get a hold of you the police are called and will show up at your door. These companies typically charge a substantial equipment and installation fee and a monthly monitoring fee. Most homeowners who opt for this type of home surveillance system focus on using outdoor cameras and their primary concern is preventing outside home intrusion.

The second type of system is better suited for those who want to survey their home from the inside while they’re away. Keeping an eye on a nanny and child, caregiver and elderly parent or any other stranger in your home means having several cameras placed throughout your house. Homeowners can then review the footage, or depending on the type of camera, log online to watch a live video stream of what’s going on in their home. This type of security system does not require a security company and police call service, but rather simply a network of security cameras inside the home. You can purchase the camera equipment online or in most major hardware stores, then you can hire a tech to do the installation or you can do it yourself. Although it may seem complicated, many stores today sell home security kits that include all the equipment and step-by-step instructions for installation and use.


Depending on the types of cameras you buy, functionality of those cameras and how elaborate and your set up, do it yourself security systems range in price from just a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand.