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How To Choose The Right CCTV For My Office ?

How To Choose The Right CCTV For My Office?

If you are thinking of installing CCTV in your office then it is better that you should do some research on the available options to choose the best CCTV for office. Security cameras have been around since many years and the variety to choose from has only increased in the past few years. Security features provided by these cameras are different for every model and you should choose the camera that contains the security features you need right now or you might need in future. The tips below would help you in choosing the right CCTV for office.

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Tips for Choosing Right CCTV Camera

Purpose of Installing CCTV in your Office

It is important that you must know what are the objectives of installing a CCTV camera in your office? This would help you in deciding the features that you would need from your CCTV camera. There are many things you need to look at like picture resolution, focal length, storage needs, etc. Therefore, having clear view about your objectives would help you in choosing the right CCTV for office.

Recording Options

You have the option of storing the data in camera, on digital video recorder or on a computer. If you select analogue camera you would need to change the signal to digital format before recording, but this won’t be needed for IP camera. There are softwares that allow you to record from multiple cameras. You must know that how many cameras you want to install and where you want to store those images. This would further help you in narrowing your choice in selecting CCTV.

Real-Time Surveillance

You should decide how you are going to monitor real-time pictures. Whether you want to set-up monitoring room, or you want some third-party monitoring services, or you want to monitor yourself remotely? There are options in which you could get emails and messages in situations when suspicious activity is noticed by your CCTV camera. You can connect IP cameras directly to the internet and relay images. This helps you in monitoring your office from any place in the world.

Static or Moving Cameras

There are cameras that once installed give you the pictures of a single location and they are called fixed cameras. There are cameras that offer 360 degree movement and could be programmed with different tours of a region and they are called PTZ cameras. There is an option of adding motion detectors to PTZ cameras, it allows these cameras to focus and respond to activity that is suspicious. You might choose between these cameras depending on your needs.

Invest Wisely

When choosing the camera you should look at all the options that are available to you. It is better to choose the one that gives you maximum flexibility in usage and quality. There are cameras that automatically start recording in higher resolution when the alarm is activated. Like this there are many features, which could give you extra security options.


When you choose CCTV for office you must make sure that camera should have accreditation from the recognized organizations of the industry.