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How To Prevent Retail Loss Using Surveillance Cameras


During the hustle and bustle of a busy day, retailers are often vulnerable to shoplifting and employee theft. The confusion owing to the large crowds and their fanatic fervor to jump on every bargain and sale is a thief’s dream. Conditions like these are conducive to theft and shoplifting, as thieves can simply blend in and fade to the background.

One driving stimulus that motivates retail theft is the slip of the economy. This risk factor is compounded by the growth of Internet classified ads and auctions sites that make it easy to flip stolen goods for money. There is always a demand for all sorts of items online and the traditional targets of expensive electronics or high end apparel are not the only targets.

One major way to help prevent retail theft is to install surveillance cameras. The mere presence of surveillance cameras is enough deterrent to stop petty thieves. Strategically installed cameras coupled with prominent warning signs remove the feeling that thefts can be done in secret. By removing the opportunity for a clean steal, potential thieves will be more wary of committing a crime.

Consumers are not the only threat for retail theft. Employees who know the ins and outs of a retail location may be tempted to take advantage of certain openings to steal. They have the luxury of striking at anytime and the familiarity of the setting adds to their comfort. Again, surveillance cameras play a critical role to deter their crime. Hidden cameras placed strategically around the retail setting will keep employees alert and discourage them from making quick swipe.

In short, removing the cloak of invisibility and opportunity from shoplifters and employees go a long way to protecting the bottom line of a business. Proper use of security cameras remove the allure of petty crimes. Ultimately, surveillance cameras are an insurance policy in protecting your business, and the money spent will come back in saved merchandise and more effective production.