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Indoor Infrared Camera


Indoor infrared security cameras are cameras that just cannot work outside. They are not built with the technology that allows them to take a beating from mother nature’s harsh weather. The models listed here work in any indoor environment. So if you own a home, retail store, restaurant, or if you are a purchasing manager for a corporate office, these indoor infrared cameras will work for your surveillance application. Even though these surveillance cameras have infrared lights, they are not excessive so you don’t have to worry about your video washing out.

Do Not Face Indoor Infrared Cameras At Reflective Objects Or Surfaces

When thinking of integrating infrared cameras indoors you need to avoid one thing: do not place these cameras in the path of a window to look at a target area. The infrared lights on these cameras are not as powerful as some of the other infrared bullet cameras we offer, but they still will bounce off the windows and cause a washout of the video. This also means that you should not face these cameras at any other reflective doors or surfaces. If you avoid these risky motives, these indoor infrared cameras will great in any indoor application.

Use Indoor Infrared Security Cameras In Custom Projects & Case Studies

If you have a very unique project or experiment where you need a good, inexpensive, infrared camera, we have some models that you could use to integrate into your project. The main goal of these cameras are to offer you a solution for projects that require total darkness.