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Infrared Bullet Cameras

Infrared bullet security cameras are the work-horses of the CCTV security cameras family. They have every option you need to ensure supreme video quality in any situation. Generally you do not want to use this hi-powered infrared bullet cameras indoors. They can work in some warehouse applications, but one must read the specs on each infrared bullet camera to determine which one is the best fit.

About Infrared Bullet Security Cameras

When Infrared LED lights are combined with bullet cameras they result in infrared bullet security cameras, which work like both bullet cameras and infrared cameras. In some environments lighting is never consistent in smaller elements. Light exist even in the dark, just our ability to pick those energy particles from photons in lighting a spectrum is low and you cannot assume that CCD chip sets will operate the same. The pixels laid across CCD chip sets pick up light even in the dark. With the help of a digital electronic shutter, cameras can see in color, but the video is still not the best it could be. So scientist though of using infrared lighting to turn color pictures into black and white images. Now these black and white images are not grainy or crappy video feeds. They are hi resolution video feeds. Most infrared images are rated at 550 TV Lines. That is amazing quality even for black and white images.

How Does Infrared LED Lights Work In Bullet Cameras

Infrared is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is longer than that of visible light but shorter than that of terahertz radiation and microwaves.

Learning More About Infrared Bullet Cameras

Infrared bullet cameras are CCTV’s most popular sold security camera. They were one of the first security camera models to have infrared technology. The main reason for the demand of this technology to be used in a bullet camera style, was solely, because they were the first security cameras to resist water, weather, heat, and cold environmental conditions. The demand for a multi-role security camera was strong, but until images sensors were developed there was not a camera that can render both color video and black and white video. Engineers from China, developed all sorts of model bullet cameras. You have various different types. There are some bullet cameras that have 12-14 infrared LED lights, there are others with 18-24 LED Lights, and long range bullet cameras that have 42+ plus infrared LED lights to help the camera see at it’s max focal length. You see cameras with varifocal lens from 9mm to 22mm adjustment with 42 infrared lights or more. Due to the vast variety of bullet cameras and their popularity they were the easiest camera to work with.

Short Range Infrared Bullet Cameras Work Great For Residential and Small Businesses

Infrared bullet cameras with 12-14 infrared LED bulbs, usually fit well into small residential and business settings. The infrared bullet cameras have usually a 3.5mm, 4mm, or 6mm fixed lens embedded into the camera. At these fixed lens shoot a very wide angle of view and have a viewing distance out to 35 to 50 feet, depending on the lens. You expect about 50 feet at night with a 6mm lens bullet camera with 13 infrared bulbs. The only exception will be the size of the bulbs used. There are so many different models of infrared bullet cameras that have fewer LED lights, but the bulbs are bigger. The bigger the infrared bulbs, the brighter your video will be in low- light conditions or in total darkness situations. However the thing in most outdoor residential applications is that the point-of-interest is about 25 feet away from the camera, but they need to be able to see as wide as possible. In the dark the infrared lights will help make sure that the video is nice and bright so that you have this pherial view. That is solely due to the goal of people entering and leaving the premises. Wider-angle-of-views are just better for smaller applications because of the access point from each point of security.

Long Range Infrared Bullet Cameras Work Better For Medium and High Commercial Businesses

Long range bullet cameras are used more for larger commercial building video surveillance. Each area is very important, but the target area is usually a gate leading to a parking lot or loading dock. The challenge is that the location of the DVR is sometimes just out of the reach of cable distance. Depending on the where you need to install the your infrared bullet camera you will need a camera with a higher mm setting to view the target area with a high resolution output. For many commercial applications watching front gates, loading docks, back gates, and many other access points can only be viewed at long distances. In CCTV there is always a challenge of figuring out where a camera can be installed where this is enough signal left to shoot back to the CCTV dvr. So the best way to solve this problem is by using a long range bullet camera.

Infrared Bullet Cameras Are The Most Effective and Most Popular Security CamerAll in all when looking at the CCTV industry in retrospect, infrared bullet cameras seem to be the most popular and effective security camera. There are many reasons to support this claim. One, they have the ability to work outdoors in any environment conditions. Although certain infrared bullet surveillance cameras have different tolerances than others. Secondly, infrared bullet cameras have the ability to see in color during the day and in low light conditions and in total darkness, they render high resolution black and white video. Last, they can be used as a multi-role security camera that is covert, adaptable, and inexpensive to help residential, commercial, and federal applications secure expensive and valuable assets