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Infrared Security Camera FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Infrared Security Camera

An infrared security camera has a set of IR LED bulbs (IR bulbs emit infrared wave lengths). Every infrared security camera has a sensor on board that switches the IR lights on or off based on the amount of available light that enters the camera. When the lighting level falls below an acceptable level the IR lights are switched on. The IR light is so powerful that it over powers the camera’s ability to render low-grade color video and instead the video is black and white. There are many different model of infrared security cameras. Some of the models are domes, bullets, PTZs, and some nannywireless cams. For many highly technical applications, IR bullet cameras are the most popular. They are sturdy and have the best chip-sets.
Types of Infrared Security Cameras FAQ

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First Asked Questions About Infrared Security Cameras

Learning About Infrared Security Cameras

What is an infrared security camera?

An infrared camera is a special security cam that has the ability to see in total darkness. An Infrared security camera is best used in outdoor building applications or in controlled industrial and warehouse applications. Each infrared security camera has a set of infrared LED bulbs that ignite when it’s internal circuits measure low levels of light.

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How many different types of infrared cameras are there?

There are many different types of infrared security cameras. So far we have six different types of infrared security models. Some of those models are IR bullets, IR domes, IR PTZs, IR IPs, IR nannys, and IR wireless cams. Each of these different model infrared cameras have very unique functions, spec, and features. When trying to determine which camera is right for your CCTV system, start by asking yourself: “What am I trying to do?”. Once you have mapped out everything that you need, want and adapt to you can find the right infrared security camera.
Why are infrared security cameras so popular?

Infrared cameras are very popular because they render video surveillance feeds in total darkness. No matter what happens these security cameras can adapt to changes in available lighting levels. The other reason they are so popular is that the sensors on board automatically switch back to color video once the lighting conditions are better. Infrared security cameras are hands down some of the best cams right now in the CCTV industry.
Are infrared security cameras really weatherproof?

Not all infrared security cameras are weatherproof. All of the bullet infrared camerasare weatherproof. Outside of the bullet cameras, only certain domes, ptz, wireless, and IP cameras are weatherproof. In order to find out you will need to check the outdoor infrared camera’s spec sheet to find out their IP rating.
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Can I use an infrared security camera indoors?

Yes and no, infrared security cameras were designed to work outdoors mostly. But you have to measure this by the application. Indoor nfrared cameras do not work well when the lens of the camera is facing a window or any reflective surfaces. Doing such things will cause the video to washout. By washout we mean the video being recorded will just be white. Make sure when you measure the room that it is large enough space too, you do not want a room or area that is very tight, even though there may not be any windows or reflective surfaces, this will not stop the IR lights from bouncing off the walls. Be very careful when using these infrared security cameras indoors.
Do the infrared lights make a camera see further?

In certain model infrared security cameras, having enough IR LED bulbs will enable it to see farther in total darkness. The measure of feet that you would normally get really just depends on the amount of bulbs and the size of the bulbs. Most 4mm fixed lens bullet cameras with 36 infrared LED lights in total darkness will see out to 55 to 60 feet. Not too bad! However during the day the camera will only be able to see at the measured spec of a typical 4mm camera, which is about 40 feet max. This concept changes as the size of lens chosen increases.
What kind of power supply is required to make an infrared security camera work?

This is a very good question to cover, all infrared security cameras have different amperages. These amperages are measured by milli-amps. For example, an infrared security camera with 12-16 infrared bulbs will require a 500 milli-amp power supply in order to work. Now infrared security cameras with hi-powered IR bulbs or have 36 or more infrared bulbs, then you will need a 1200 to 1500 milli-amp power supply. Never use the wrong power supply transformer, this could kill your security camera. If you under power your camera you can burn out the bulbs too. If you are using a power distribution box, make sure you check the total amperage output. We have had customers call us trying to figure out why there cameras are not working and it stems from not having enough amperage to cover the total amount of cameras. Usually with most infrared cameras you want (when using a power supply box) you want to have 1 amp per camera. You still however have to have enough power for all your non-IR cameras too. So we recommend buying two power supply boxes, so that you can run all your infrared cameras on one box and your other cameras on the other box.