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Infrared Security Cameras Are Vital To Home Security

Infrared security cameras use thermography technology to capture images in no light areas. The thermal imaging systems provide accurate temperature measurements and produce images from heat radiation generated by the object. The infrared security cameras have infrared LED lighting installed around the lenses of the camera that detect the object by measuring the heat emitted by the object. The IR radiation of the camera captures the warmth of the object to produce a picture. Infrared security cameras are also called night vision security cameras as they can capture images even in pitch darkness.

The measuring unit called ‘lux’ measures the efficiency of the cameras. Lux rate basically state the amount of light required to produce a clear and sharp image, the lower the lux rate the better the camera. Cameras with high lux rate require more light to generate clear images. For e.g. an infrared camera with a 0.005 lux rate will have a better ability to capture pictures in the dark rather than a camera with 0.3 lux rate. Infrared cameras capture color pictures in light and generate crystal clear pictures even in ambient light of moon, streetlights, or security lights whereas in darkness they switch to infrared mode and capture images in black and white. Some of the infrared security cameras are equipped with motion-sensor alarm that triggers when it senses some activity and starts recording.

Application areas of infrared security cameras

Infrared cameras are widely being used for surveillance purposes. Infrared security cameras are used in diverse areas to keep a check on people’s movements and activities even in the middle of the night. They are usually installed for monitoring dark areas like storerooms and parking lots. Business organizations and houses also use them for security 24×7. Infrared cameras are also used by police and defense departments to capture criminals and intruders.

If you are planning to install outdoor night vision security cameras, it is advisable to go for day / nightweatherproof security cameras which feature extra sensitive imaging capability that helps to generate high quality picture in low light without using infrared lighting. They only switch to infrared mode in zero light which is very cost effective.