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IP Cameras vs. Portable Cameras


IP cameras are known by several different names; spy cameras, security cameras, surveillance cameras and more. Until recent developments in technology, installing and maintaining an IP camera was costly and difficult. However, thanks to advances in camera and storage technology, storing and viewing video surveillance is now accessible to small business owners and personal users alike. Whether you’re looking for a camera to monitor your home and keep an eye on pets or you need to monitor your retail location, IP cameras are a terrific solution. Some of the best models are the Foscam, Cisco and Panasonic IP cameras.

Specialized security cameras can perform more tasks and are simpler to use than simple, portable cameras for security. You can count on a spy camera to help you in ways a traditional portable camera never could. The first, and perhaps most useful, feature is the ability to access the video feed from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re looking at the video feed from a computer at home or at work, or even on your smartphone, you’ll be able to monitor the area with ease. You will also be able to control the video surveillance camera and move the field of vision to expand your view or even zoom in and out. Many of the best IP cameras also have the option to record audio. Obviously, the remote access is not available with traditional cameras.

Because it is unlikely that you want to spend all your time monitoring the video feed, surveillance cameras have a few different options to help you simplify your life. The first option is scheduling. You can have the camera only turn on at night when you leave your business. Or use a motion detector option. Cameras with this capability will turn on when motion is detected, and you will be alerted via email with an image of what caused the camera to turn on. This is one of the most useful and time-saving options available, and it can save recording space, as well. Again, this is one of the features a network camera can offer that a simple, portable camera cannot.


When you first starting using an IP camera, you can simply connect the unit to your network and start recording and viewing. It will have the option to record video to a local hard drive, and with many models, you can transfer the video via FTP to a website. This will utilize a simple and safe digital storage option. You won’t have to worry about losing your recorded footage if your computer is stolen, broken or lost. Another option that many IP cameras offer is to record the video feed to an SD card or DVR. There are other safe and secure methods to record the video feed that vary with each camera.

IP cameras have a diverse set of features and options that make securing your home or business simple and affordable. You can view the security feed from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll be able to record the video to various locations and keep everything secure. An IP camera is a much more useful tool than a simple, portable camera when it comes to security.