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Sleek Waterproof Housing, Advanced Performance, Ease of Use and Affordable Pricing Make NightRunner an Ideal Choice for Wide Range of Vessels


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (October 31, 2013) — Iris Corporation has launched its new NightRunner® Dual Payload Thermal Imaging/Daylight Color Camera, bringing enhanced safety and enjoyment to a wide variety of boats — and boaters.  This product made its worldwide debut today at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

With its ability to provide both high-resolution thermal imaging and full Pan/Tilt/Zoom daylight color imaging in a single sleek, waterproof housing, NightRunner is an ideal solution for a range of cruising vessels, sailboats and sportfishers.    NightRunner not only looks good and fits well on boats ranging from megayachts to center consoles, its affordable price ($4,500 MSRP) brings this advanced technology within reach of more boating enthusiasts.


At the heart of NightRunner is a Vanadium Oxide (VOx) 17M pitch, high-resolution thermal core that provides crisp, detailed images to a thermal sensitivity of less than 50mk.    NightRunner gives cruisers, sailors and fishermen the ability to “see” not only in the dark, but also through fog, smoke and dust.    Iris focuses on the thermal camera features most important to vessel navigation and safety on the water — such as digital zoom and palette inverse — and provides easy access to these features with a simplified user interface.   Inside and out, NightRunner’s unique design makes advanced thermal imaging more accessible to boaters, as well as more enjoyable to use.

For times when thermal imaging isn’t required, NightRunner includes a high-quality, Sony Effio-P color daylight camera module to enhance the navigation experience at sea, when cruising the Intercoastal or inland waterways, entering harbors/inlets or maneuvering in a busy marina.  NightRunner’s daylight camera boasts a high-resolution 700TVL sensor with built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), which work in conjunction with a precision mechanical auto-iris to provide optimum performance in the highly reflective marine environment.   Much like the system’s thermal core, the daylight camera has a powerful digital zoom feature for use under a wide range of conditions and navigating situations.

The technology inside NightRunner is equaled only by its streamlined waterproof housing and reliable gimbal.   A new base molding design eliminates the need for a separate fixing plate, resulting in a more attractive, sturdier installation.   The new base offers a solid fixing mechanism and creates an integrated appearance that blends into the body of the camera housing.   NightRunner can be installed in either a standard or hanging orientation .  The result of this thoughtful design is the industry’s smallest, fully controllable dual-payload camera system that blends seamlessly into the styling lines of any vessel.

NightRunner has also been engineered for easy and cost-effective installation — whether it’s a boat’s first camera or a replacement for a larger, outdated thermal imaging system.   Instead of the cumbersome multiple Power/Video/Data cables commonly required, NightRunner utilizes a single CAT5 cable.   This makes cable routing and installation of NightRunner easier for dealers and more affordable for boaters.  The CAT5 cable connects directly from the camera to a breakout adapter at the controller end, where the power, video and data connections are terminated.   NightRunner includes a 60-foot waterproof CAT5 cable and a 6-foot video cable with a BNC/RCA adapter jack for compatibility with a range of monitors and chartplotters.   Having a breakout adapter at the controller end makes it easy to add future upgrades such as the NightRunner IP Encoder Module.