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Is Facial Detection and Facial Recognition that same thing?

Facial Detection is really an awesome thing and can come in very handy, but I think that people may be confused about what that might actually be.  Facial Detection is an option that comes with a lot of DVR/NVR systems. That feature is usually written in the software and can detect faces that pop on the screen, and certain software can actually pull these faces and store them so you have a copy of everyone’s face that walk by the camera. This is accomplished by being able to recognize certain shapes that the software is looking for. Like a triangular nose, two lateral eyes, a mouth, and an oval shaped head.  So in cases like security surveillance, the NVR/DVR is always searching for these shapes. This comes in handy in buildings that are prone to robbery like Gas Stations. You will get a picture of EVERYONES face and know what time they entered the building. I guess you can get away with not being recognized if you don’t have a nose, or a mouth.

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Facial Recognition is facial detection with a little twist. Facial recognition systems have the software to identify a certain person. So if you have a photo or video of an individual and input that into the computers software, it will search for not only faces (like facial detection) but will search for specific faces. This is done by literally measuring the size of the nose, measuring the distance the nose is from the mouth, the shape of the eyes, and a whole host of measurements. It is very similar to fingerprinting technology, but used on faces. You would have to go through major surgery to get by this one.

So whenever search for camera systems, be mindful of the different terms that are used regarding Facial technology, They sound the same, and are both nice to have, but are used for completely different applications.