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Keep businesses safe from the outside in

Small business security cameras act as a barrier against theft and crimes in stores, restaurants and offices, but there are other preventative measures business owners can take to keep their company safe and secure.


Do a sweep
Inspect all closets, bathrooms and stairwells connected to the property when opening and closing the store to make sure no one is hiding. An easy way for burglars to gain access to a business after hours is to find a hiding place and wait for all employees to leave for the day. Have another person on hand to help with the search to ensure personal safety if an intruder is found hiding.

Move valuables away from entrances
Keeping valuable electronics, business equipment and merchandise away from windows and doors can help keep them safe from a “smash and grab” theft. Burglars will break glass panels on windows and doors and quickly grab whatever is nearby before running away, and keeping valuables in strategic locations can help prevent this type of theft from occurring.

Background checks
Before hiring a new employee, it is important to get a good idea of who this new hire is by doing a background check and contacting references. This preventative measure allows business owners to make sure they are not inviting criminals into the workspace. If an applicant has performed suspicious behavior in the past, he or she should not be hired for the job, as workers have been known to steal from their company or make valuables more readily available to partners on the outside by “forgetting” to lock up at the end of the day.

Shred everything
Investing in a paper shredder is a great way to protect a business. Burglars often search through company trash to look for papers that contain valuable information on finances, bank accounts, passwords and other data. Keep this information from falling into the wrong hands by shredding every document after it has been used or processed.

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