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Keep school parking lots safe with video surveillance

Most high schools around the United States have parking lots for students and teachers that provide a convenient place to park and enter or leave campus. As this high-traffic area is accessible by vehicle and on foot, many schools choose to install security cameras in this location to help secure the premises and document incidents.


Like parking lots near stores and shopping centers, school parking lots can fall prey to crime. Car thieves target these areas because they provide more potential opportunities to find unlocked car doors and, therefore, easy access to GPS systems, cell phones, stereo systems and other electronic devices that students leave in their cars during the day. Placing security cameras throughout the parking lot will help alert school security guards to suspicious behavior around the cars and can help police catch suspects if anything is stolen or vandalized.

Parking lots that are not monitored can also become dangerous for students and faculty who stay after school. Predators are known to hide in parking lots and mug, kidnap or otherwise assault unsuspecting victims. If a perpetrator is looking for places to attack, security cameras will help keep the campus safe. These individuals try to stay away from anything that can catch them in the act, including motion detectors and surveillance equipment.

As one of the main entrances into campus, parking lots are often targeted by unwanted individuals as an easy way into the school. Many schools are choosing more high-tech security options, like having a parking lot gate connected to a monitoring system. To gain entry into campus, drivers need to stop at the automated gate and speak to a security guard in the school building. If an individual has no legitimate reason for entering the property, or the guard notices suspicious behavior, he or she will not open the gate for the suspect. These security cameras help maintain the safety of students and security guards against dangerous individuals.

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