CCTV Security Camera News in Da Nang Vietnam

Key locations for business security cameras

When owners decide to install small business security cameras for an extra boost of security, it is very important to place them in strategic locations. While certain areas do pose a greater risk than others, camera locations must also comply with privacy regulations. Improper installation can lead to legal action if employees believe their personal privacy is being compromised in the workplace.


Depending on the nature of the company, many business owners choose to install security cameras in their buildings’ elevators. Elevators give off the persona of a private area, as many people believe their actions inside will go unnoticed. The enclosed space can provide an easy opportunity for thieves to hide stolen goods in purses or coats before exiting the building, or can become dangerous if an individual is targeted by an intruder riding with them. Installing cameras in elevators can help protect a business from theft and assault.

Stairwells can provide easy hiding places for intruders who will attack unsuspecting victims as they enter and exit the building. If stairwells are not monitored, perpetrators can also stay hidden until the business has closed for the day and gain easy access to valuable items and information without having to break-in from the outside.

Front entrance
Many businesses use an intercom system for visitors and delivery men to gain access to the building, making the front door a great place for a security camera. Business owners can verify the identity of the person at the door before letting them inside without putting personal safety at risk.

Off limits
As a general rule, security cameras should never be installed, or directed, anywhere near restrooms, dressing rooms or other private locations. Cameras in these areas are considered  unlawful in respect to an individual’s privacy. To stay within legal codes and regulations, cameras in these areas should be avoided at all costs.