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Knowledge about network camera


Network camera is a kind of advanced central surveillance camera, using the internet protocol to transmit video data through ethernet. This technique creates a network camera which has digital photo and play digital data.

In our daily life, maybe every day we can meet the digital technology. Such as: we see it in our digital camera especially when we see a short video and digital broadcast as well as when we and our friends send some movie by email.   The Analog camera has been existed for many years, still occupied the dominant position in the market, but there is no doubt the future connect with  network. When you see a surveillance camera, you can’t distinguish analog camera or network camera. The difference is in the hardware and the quality of video.

Network camera has a processor and Web server software. The network camera can be connected directly to the existing home office network. Images can be viewed in any of the world’s Web browser, and can realize the complete configuration anywhere. The IP cameras have excellent image quality, full digital. They are the future monitoring trends. Network camera has higher prices relative to the analog camera, but the network camera offers safer than traditional camera.

Who needs the network camera?

In my opinion, everyone needs video surveillance or monitoring system, network camera system. The reason is very simple that the quality is limited by the analog camera. The best analog camera currently has the equivalent of 5000 pixel resolution. It just means that one of the pixel, the more,the clearer .   You will get the information which is divided into visual field. This is very similar to the old mobile phone, the picture of mobile phone camera, is very poor, right? Network camera is most commonly used: license plate capture, commercial building entrance, checkout monitoring, parking, the open field of vision, the detailed application and more. This is a secure system and it should meet   the safety requirements.