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Living in a Security Camera World

The use of security cameras has continued to grow throughout the world and seems to be on pace to continue to do so. This Security Camera World we live in really seems to offer two options. Be observed or observe yourself. Security cameras are now part of our landscape much like cell phones and the internet. It has become part of our society whether it’s a welcomed technology or not.  The global use of surveillance has continued to grow over the last decade with the help of lower costs and various options.



The once dominated security industry standard of analog cameras is now being surpassed by digital video security cameras like network IP cameras,HD-SDI cameras and USB desktop cameras. Customers that heavily relied on security installers to provide surveillance products are turning to products that are more consumer friendly and self installable. The technology learning curve for many has turned in their favor. Consumers now understand cameras a lot more thanks to the the use of desktop USB cameras, laptop cameras and the constant competition of mobile phone giants to market their latest megapixel cameras and HD offerings. Home DVRs have brought a familiarity of sorts to homeowners on what exactly a DVR is. Security DVRs work in much the same way as a home DVR used for recording TV shows.

These advances in technology play a huge role in the education of end users and there is no longer a huge gap between the security installer and the consumer. Educated customers now understand terminology and ask for security cameras based on the technology itself. HD Cameras, 1080p, Megapixel, H264, Wi-Fi and DVRs are all common words to end users now and are commonly referred by end users when looking for a security camera system. This bodes well for security installers because they no longer need to go in depth explaining what they are offering and why, the one drawback is installers now, more than ever, need to be educated on all things security, after all, you don’t want your customer knowing more than you do.

HighMark Security
HighMark Security ✅ is an Professional Security and Surveillance Solutions Supplier in Da Nang City, Vietnam. We are a direct supplier of security cameras (analog CCTV, 720p and 1080p HD CCTV, and network IP), video surveillance systems, ecurity cameras, security DVRs, wireless cameras, alarm security system, GPS system , smart home, video baby monitors for home and business surveillance and CCTV equipment (Closed Circuit Television).

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