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Long Range Security Camera


A Long range security camera refers to any security camera that can focus at least 30 yards away from their mounting point.

Long range security cameras will have a tight angle of view. This means that you will only be able to see a target area but not the surrounding area. These cameras are often use viewing gates, entry and exit doors, licence plates, people’s faces at a distance, driveways, loading docks, or any other restricted area.

Long Range Bullet Cameras

Most Long range Security Cameras are bullet cameras. Most long range bullet cameras have a varifocal lens (which have external adjustments on the camera so that you can focus to get the right distance). The only draw back to this is you have to grab a ladder to reach the camera and adjust it using trial and error, until you get the right distance. Long Range Bullet Cameras are very affordable and durable and often waterproof. The waterproof element is extremely important, as long rangesurveillance cameras are almost always used outdoors.

Long Range Dome Cameras

More rarely, dome cameras can be used in long range situations. Most long range dome cameras have a varifocal range of 2.8mm to 12mm or 5mm to 50mm range. Often they are waterproof. Dome Cameras with significant Infrared light may prevent them from being used indoors. Long range Indoor Dome cameras often sacrifice infrared sensors and instead have a lower lux rating and a WDR lens.

PTZ Security Cameras Are The Best At Really Long Distances

Not usually included in the term “Long Range Security Camera,” are PTZ cameras, however PTZ cameras are also used in many CCTV application that need long distance video surveillance. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. PTZ security camerasare operated by a joystick and can accomplish the same thing as a Long Range Camera but are more expensive.

If your CCTV application calls for seeing past 200 yards, then you will want to look into a PTZ camera. Most DVRs have software where you can use a mouse and the graphical user interface to pan, tilt, and zoom the PTZ camera to the correct distance. Some PTZ camera can view targets effectively up to 450 yards. Although PTZ cameras are pricey they are the best weapon for CCTV applications that need to be able see at long distances consistently.

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